Tribal Gaming Agency definition

Tribal Gaming Agency means the person, agency, board, committee, commission, or council designated under tribal law, including, but not limited to, an intertribal gaming regulatory agency approved to fulfill those functions by the NIGC, primarily responsible for carrying out the Tribe’s regulatory responsibilities under IGRA and the Tribe’s Gaming Ordinance. No person employed in, or in connection with, the management, supervision, or conduct of any Gaming Activity may be a member or employee of the Tribal Gaming Agency.
Tribal Gaming Agency means the San Manuel Gaming Commission.
Tribal Gaming Agency means the commission established by the Tribe pursuant to the Tribal Gaming Agency Ordinance with the responsibility to regulate Gaming on the reservation pursuant to the Legal Requirements.

Examples of Tribal Gaming Agency in a sentence

  • The parties intend that the licensing process provided for in this Compact shall involve joint cooperation between the Tribal Gaming Agency and the State Gaming Agency, as more particularly described herein.

  • All persons in any way connected with the Gaming Operation or Facility who are required to be licensed or to submit to a background investigation under IGRA, and any others required to be licensed under this Gaming Compact, including, but not limited to, all Gaming Employees and Gaming Resource Suppliers, and any other person having a significant influence over the Gaming Operation must be licensed by the Tribal Gaming Agency.

  • At the discretion of the Tribal Gaming Agency, an additional background investigation may be required at any time if the Tribal Gaming Agency determines the need for further information concerning the Applicant’s continuing suitability or eligibility for a license.

  • The Tribal Gaming Agency shall not issue a gaming license, other than a temporary license pursuant to section 6.4.9, until a determination is made that those qualifications have been met.

  • The Tribal Gaming Agency shall prepare and maintain records of its compliance with section 7.1 while any Gaming Device is on the gaming floor and for a period of one (1) year after the Gaming Device is removed from the gaming floor, and shall make those records available for inspection by the State Gaming Agency upon request.

  • Nothing herein shall create a property or other right of an Applicant in an opportunity to be licensed, or in a tribal gaming license itself, both of which shall be considered to be privileges granted to the Applicant in the sole discretion of the Tribal Gaming Agency.

  • Securities and money market instruments5 863 712.867 253 622.24b.

  • Upon completion of the necessary background investigation, the Tribal Gaming Agency may issue a tribal gaming license on a conditional or unconditional basis.

  • The Tribal Gaming Agency shall transmit copies of incident reports that it reasonably believes concern a significant or continued threat to public safety or gaming integrity to the State Gaming Agency within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed seven (7) days, after the incident.

  • The Tribal Gaming Agency shall require the recording of any and all occurrences within the Gaming Facility that deviate from normal operating policies and procedures (hereinafter “incidents”).

More Definitions of Tribal Gaming Agency

Tribal Gaming Agency means the Tlingit and Haida Tribal Gaming Agency.
Tribal Gaming Agency means the tribal governmental agency which will be identified to the State Gaming Representative as the agency responsible for actions of the Tribe set out in the Compact. It will be the single contact with the State and may be relied upon as such by the State.
Tribal Gaming Agency means the regulatory entity established by this Gaming Code to have and to administer all civil regulatory authority over all Gaming Activities conducted on Tribal Lands.
Tribal Gaming Agency means the Sycuan Gaming Commission or such other Tribal government agency as may be designated by the Business Committee to implement and ensure compliance with certain laws applicable to the Gaming Operation, including the provisions governing the processing and resolution of patron tort claims set forth in this Ordinance.
Tribal Gaming Agency or "TGA" means the Mohican Gaming Commission or such other agency of the Tribe as the Tribe may from time to time designate by written notice to the State as the Tribal agency responsible for the regulation of class Ill gaming jointly with the SGA.

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