TP definition

TP means the University’s Department of Transportation and Parking.
TP means Total Phosphorus.

Examples of TP in a sentence

  • If it being a case of Temporary Permit (TP), the validity of EC should be only up to the validity of TP and PP has to ensure the execution of closure plan.

  • Consequences arising due to the default of the contractor to comply with this condition would be contractor’s responsibility only.8. The contractor will make his own arrangement for required T&P for execution of work and storage of his own material.

  • This includes the use of TP for conflict detection, assumptions made in TP, and the use of uncertainty.

  • In: Pinch TJ, Hughes TP, Bijker WE (eds) The Social construction of technological systems: new directions in the sociology and history of technology.

  • Additionally, during the period of performance, service delivery, and contract administration, the TP is required to ensure the TP and all subcontractors use only equipment that conforms to DoDIN APL or DoDIN SPE requirements at the point of interface with the Government's network.

More Definitions of TP

TP means Theft protection.
TP is equal to the test price. With each shipment, Contractor will send Company an invoice for all services provided by Contractor under Section 2.1 hereof for Products Manufactured by Contractor and delivered to the Delivery Point. Company shall pay Contractor the amount invoiced within thirty (30) days following the issuance of such invoice.
TP means Trading Participants. Other capitalized terms used in these Rules but not otherwise defined in this Section shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the relevant rules and regulations of the Exchange, SCCP, or the CMIC, as the case may be. PART B LISTING AND DISCLOSURE
TP means the inlet flange(s) of the outgoing pipeline(s), immediately downstream of the Production Measurement Point, where Transporter shall receive Net Production of Crude Oil from Operator.
TP means temporary partial disability benefits.
TP means Tontine Partners, L.P.