Definition of Term Loan B Advance

Term Loan B Advance means any advance of Term Loan B pursuant to the provisions of Section 3.1(b).

Examples of Term Loan B Advance in a sentence

The principal balance of the Term Loan B Advance shall bear interest thereon from such Advance Date at the Term Loan B Interest Rate based on a year consisting of 360 days, with interest computed daily based on the actual number of days elapsed.
Thereafter, the Agent shall make the appropriate allocations and adjustments with respect to the Term Loan B Percentages and Weighted Percentages of the Term Loan B for each Term Loan B Lender to reflect the addition of such new Term Loan B Advance to the Term Loan B and such Lenders Term Loan B Amount.
The Term Loan A Advance, the Term Loan B Advance and the Term Loan C Advance are hereinafter referred to singly as a Term Loan Advance and collectively as the Term Loan Advances.
The proceeds of the initial Term Loan B Advance and all Term Loan A Advances shall be available (and the Borrower shall use such proceeds) solely (i) with respect to the initial Term Loan B Advance and any Term Loan A Advance made on the Closing Date only, to refinance existing indebtedness of the Borrower, (ii) for Permitted Acquisitions, (iii) for Capital Expenditures permitted under the terms of this Agreement, (iv) for working capital and (v) for other lawful corporate purposes.
Agent shall be entitled to rely upon, and shall be fully protected in relying upon, any Notice of Revolving Credit Advance, Notice of Conversion/Continuation, Notice of Term Loan B Advance, requests for the incurrence of Letter of Obligations or Litigation L/C Obligations under Annex B and the Litigation L/C Agreement, or similar notice believed by Agent to be genuine.