Definition of Term Collateral

Term Collateral means all of the assets and property of any Obligor, whether real, personal or mixed, with respect to which a Lien is granted as security for any Second Lien Obligations.

Examples of Term Collateral in a sentence

The Term Collateral Agent, for itself and on behalf of the Term Secured Parties, promptly shall execute and deliver to the Revolving Collateral Agent such termination statements, releases and other documents as the Revolving Collateral Agent may request to effectively confirm such release.
The Lender Representatives agree that it is their intention that the Senior Revolving Collateral and the Term Collateral be identical.
Upon the Discharge of Senior Indebtedness, the Senior Indebtedness Representative shall deliver to the Term Administrative Agent any proceeds of Collateral held by it in the same form as received, with any necessary endorsements or as a court of competent jurisdiction may otherwise direct to be applied by the Term Administrative Agent to the Second Lien Obligations in such order as specified in the Term Collateral Documents.
Each Grantor shall promptly notify the Term Collateral Agent of any Commercial Tort Claims for which such Grantor has filed complaint(s) in court(s) of competent jurisdiction and, unless the Term Collateral Agent otherwise consents, such Grantor shall update Exhibit E to this Security Agreement, thereby granting to the Term Collateral Agent a security interest in such Commercial Tort Claim(s) (subject to the terms of the Intercreditor Agreements).
Cash Collateral Account means a special interest bearing deposit account consisting of cash maintained by the Term Collateral Agent in the name of the Company, but under the sole dominion and control of the Term Collateral Agent, for the benefit of itself as Term Collateral Agent and for the benefit of the other Term Secured Parties.