Term Obligations Sample Clauses

Term Obligations. During the Term Credit Period, and subject to the terms and conditions hereof, including without limitation the provisions of Section 2.8, Section 3.7 and Article 7, the Borrower shall be entitled to convert, in whole or in part, any Term Obligation outstanding by way of an Advance under the Credit Facility to any other Advance under the Credit Facility, provided that, in the case of a LIBOR Loan, the last day of the applicable LIBOR Period shall not occur, and, in the case of a BA Advance, the Bankers' Acceptances comprising such BA Advance shall not mature, beyond any date on which a scheduled repayment of Outstanding Principal Obligations in respect of the Credit Facility is required to be made pursuant to Article 4 if after giving effect to such Advance the Outstanding Principal Obligations in respect of LIBOR Loans and BA Advances which would mature after such date and all other Outstanding Principal Obligations under the Credit Facility would exceed the Commitment, after giving effect to such repayment. Subject to any such conversion, any payment made on account of Term Obligations shall constitute a permanent reduction in the Commitment and may not be reborrowed by the Borrower hereunder.
Term Obligations. The Guarantor further agrees to pay and reimburse the Lender for, on demand and in immediately available funds, (a) all reasonable fees, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, all court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees, costs and expenses) paid or incurred by the Lender in: (1) endeavoring to collect all or any part of the Class 2 Term Obligations owing to such Person from, or in prosecuting any action against, the Borrower relating to the Credit Agreement, this Guaranty or the transactions contemplated thereby relating to the Class 2 Term; (2) taking any action with respect to any security or collateral securing such Class 2 Term Obligations or the Guarantor's obligations hereunder; and (3) preserving, protecting or defending the enforceability of, or enforcing, this Guaranty or the Lender's rights hereunder (all such costs and expenses are hereinafter referred to as the "Expenses") and (b) interest on (1) such Class 2 Term Obligations which do not constitute interest, (2) to the extent permitted by applicable law, such Class 2 Term Obligations which constitute interest, and (3) the Expenses, from the date of demand under this Guaranty until paid in full in cash at the per annum rate of interest described in the Credit Agreement. The Guarantor hereby agrees that this Guaranty is an absolute guaranty of payment and is not a guaranty of collection.
Term Obligations. To secure the full payment and performance of all of the Term Obligations when due, Borrower hereby grants to Lender a continuing security interest in all of the following described property of Borrower, whether tangible or intangible, now owned or in existence or hereafter acquired or arising, wherever located, whether or not eligible for lending purposes: (i) all Equipment; (ii) all proceeds and products of all of the foregoing
Term Obligations. XXXXXX and OV will have the additional obligations during the Term of this Agreement more specifically set forth in Schedule 10.5.
Term Obligations. 20 Section 2.5 Advance Requests............................................20 Section 2.6 Advances under the Credit Facility..........................21 Section 2.7 Currency....................................................21 Section 2.8 Conversion of Advance.......................................21 Section 2.9
Term Obligations. After the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, should any payment, distribution, security or instrument or proceeds thereof be received by the Guarantor upon or with respect to the Borrower Indebtedness prior to the satisfaction of all of the Class 2 Term Obligations and the termination of all financing arrangements between the Borrower and the Lender, the Guarantor shall receive and hold the same in trust, as trustee, for the benefit of the Lender and shall forthwith deliver the same to the Lender in precisely the form received (accompanied by the endorsement or assignment of the Guarantor where necessary), for application to the Class 2 Term Obligations, due or not due, and, until so delivered, the same shall be held in trust by the Guarantor as the property of the Lender. After the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, if the Guarantor fails to make any such endorsement or assignment to the Lender, the Lender and its officers or employees are hereby irrevocably authorized to make the same. The Guarantor agrees that until the Class 2 Term Obligations have been paid in full in cash and the Credit Agreement has been terminated, the Guarantor will not assign or transfer to any Person (other than to the Lender) any claim the Guarantor has or may have against any of the Borrower.
Term Obligations. Upon termination of the License Term for any Store, Agent and Banks shall:
Term Obligations 

Related to Term Obligations

  • Perform Obligations To perform promptly all of the obligations of Tenant set forth in this Lease; and to pay when due the Fixed Rent and Additional Rent and all charges, rates and other sums which by the terms of this Lease are to be paid by Tenant.

  • Surety Obligations No Borrower or Subsidiary is obligated as surety or indemnitor under any bond or other contract that assures payment or performance of any obligation of any Person, except as permitted hereunder.

  • Prior Obligations I represent that my performance of all terms of this Agreement as a consultant of the Company has not breached and will not breach any agreement to keep in confidence proprietary information, knowledge or data acquired by me prior or subsequent to the commencement of my Relationship with the Company, and I will not disclose to the Company, or use, any inventions, confidential or non-public proprietary information or material belonging to any current or former client or employer or any other party. I will not induce the Company to use any inventions, confidential or non-public proprietary information or material belonging to any current or former client or employer or any other party.

  • Secured Party Performance of Debtor Obligations Without having any obligation to do so, the Administrative Agent may perform or pay any obligation which any Grantor has agreed to perform or pay in this Security Agreement and the Grantors shall reimburse the Administrative Agent for any amounts paid by the Administrative Agent pursuant to this Section 8.4. The Grantors’ obligation to reimburse the Administrative Agent pursuant to the preceding sentence shall be a Secured Obligation payable on demand.

  • Lender Obligations Each Lender and Issuing Bank shall promptly notify Borrowers and Agent of any change in circumstances that would change any claimed Tax exemption or reduction. Each Lender and Issuing Bank shall indemnify, hold harmless and reimburse (within 10 days after demand therefor) Borrowers and Agent for any Taxes, losses, claims, liabilities, penalties, interest and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) incurred by or asserted against a Borrower or Agent by any Governmental Authority due to such Lender’s or Issuing Bank’s failure to deliver, or inaccuracy or deficiency in, any documentation required to be delivered by it pursuant to this Section. Each Lender and Issuing Bank authorizes Agent to set off any amounts due to Agent under this Section against any amounts payable to such Lender or Issuing Bank under any Loan Document.

  • City Obligations a. To operate the Airport as a public airport during the Lease Term, subject to the assurances given by City to the United States Government.

  • The Obligations The security interest granted hereunder shall secure the payment of all indebtedness and the performance of all obligations of the Debtor to the Secured Party of every type and description, whether now existing or hereafter arising, fixed or contingent, as primary obligor or as guarantor or surety, acquired directly or by assignment or otherwise, liquidated or unliquidated, regardless of how they arise or by what agreement or instrument they may be evidenced, including without limitation all loans, advances and other extensions of credit and all covenants, agreements, and provisions contained in all loan and other agreements between the parties (the “Obligations”).

  • Separate Obligations These obligations are independent of Borrower’s obligations and separate actions may be brought against Guarantor (whether action is brought against Borrower or whether Borrower is joined in the action).

  • No Lender Obligations (a) Notwithstanding the provisions of Subsections 1.1(h) and (n) or Section 1.2, Lender is not undertaking the performance of (i) any obligations under the Leases; or (ii) any obligations with respect to such agreements, contracts, certificates, instruments, franchises, permits, trademarks, licenses and other documents.

  • ERISA Obligations All Employee Plans of the Borrower meet the minimum funding standards of Section 302 of ERISA and 412 of the Internal Revenue Code where applicable, and each such Employee Plan that is intended to be qualified within the meaning of Section 401 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 is qualified. No withdrawal liability has been incurred under any such Employee Plans and no “Reportable Event” or “Prohibited Transaction” (as such terms are defined in ERISA), has occurred with respect to any such Employee Plans, unless approved by the appropriate governmental agencies. The Borrower has promptly paid and discharged all obligations and liabilities arising under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) of a character which if unpaid or unperformed might result in the imposition of a Lien against any of its properties or assets.