Equity Collateral definition

Equity Collateral shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11.6 hereof.
Equity Collateral has the meaning specified in Section 2.07(a).
Equity Collateral has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition of "Excepted Payments."

Examples of Equity Collateral in a sentence

  • This Assignment will create a continuing security interest in and lien on the Equity Collateral and will remain in full force and effect until terminated pursuant to Section 11 of this Assignment.

  • The payment of such amount shall satisfy all the Issuer's obligations under and in relation to such Note.For the avoidance of doubt, none of the Issuer, the Trustee or the Calculation Agent shall be required to monitor, enquire or satisfy itself as to whether any Equity Collateral Event has occurred.

  • The Mezzanine Lender shall provide notice of the transfer and an officer’s certificate from an officer of Mezzanine Lender certifying that all conditions set forth in this Section 5(a) have been satisfied to Senior Lender and the Rating Agencies upon consummation of any transfer of the Equity Collateral pursuant to this Section 5(a).

  • Equity Collateral Event: In respect of the Class C Notes: Not Applicable.

  • Additionally, if a non-consolidation opinion was delivered in connection with the closing of the Senior Loan, the transferee of the Equity Collateral shall deliver a new non-consolidation opinion relating to the transferee acceptable to the Rating Agencies within ten (10) business days of the transfer of title to the Equity Collateral.

More Definitions of Equity Collateral

Equity Collateral has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 3(c) hereof.
Equity Collateral means Pledged Equity and Pledged Equity Proceeds.
Equity Collateral means, collectively, the Collateral described in clauses (a) through (c) of Article IV and the proceeds of and to any such property and, to the extent related to any such property or such proceeds, all books, correspondence, credit files, records, invoices and other papers.
Equity Collateral means the cash security paid or to be paid by the Owner, or, as the case may be, the Sponsor pursuant to Clause 12.2(a)(iii).
Equity Collateral means the equity interests in Senior Borrower or any Junior Borrower and all other collateral, products, proceeds, rights and remedies granted or pledged pursuant to any of the Junior Loan Documents, as the context may require.
Equity Collateral has the meaning set forth in the Security Agreement.
Equity Collateral means the “Pledged Shares” as defined in the Pledge Agreement.