Definition of Tenant Responsible Parties

Tenant Responsible Parties means the Tenant and Tenant's agents, contractors, licensees, servants, employees, sublessees, assignees and others for whom the Tenant is legally responsible.

Examples of Tenant Responsible Parties in a sentence

If any Hazardous Material is released, discharged or disposed of by Tenant or Tenant Responsible Parties, on or about the Property in violation of Section 8, Tenant shall immediately, properly and in compliance with all applicable laws clean up and remove the Hazardous Material from the Property and any other affected property and clean or replace any affected personal property (whether or not owned by Landlord), at Tenants expense (without limiting Landlords other remedies therefore).
Tenant shall not transport, use, store, maintain, handle, generate, manufacture, dispose, discharge or release any Hazardous Material (as defined below in Section 8.2) upon or about the Premises, or permit Tenant Responsible Parties (as defined below in Section 8.2) to engage in such activities upon or about the Property, in violation of applicable laws and regulations.
B) Tenant shall, at Tenants own expense, make all submissions to, provide all information required by, and comply with all requirements of all governmental authorities (Authorities) under the Laws as are applicable to use of Hazardous Substances by Tenant Responsible Parties.
Also for purposes hereof, commercially reasonable efforts shall include, without limitation, commercially reasonable efforts, upon receiving notice of any such action to oppose any application on the part of any Tenant Responsible Parties, to obtain injunctive relief, and, in the case of a subtenant, exercising remedies against the subtenant under its sublease.
The parties acknowledge that Tenant or one or more Tenant Responsible Parties have been in possession or control of the Leased Parcel prior to Effective Date and that under no circumstances whatsoever shall Landlord have any liability to Tenant on account of any condition existing on or about the Leased Parcel on the Effective Date or otherwise existing due to the act or omission of Tenant or any Tenant Responsible Parties.