Tenant Allowance definition

Tenant Allowance means a cash allowance paid to a tenant by the landlord pursuant to a Lease.
Tenant Allowance means a cash allowance paid to a tenant by the ---------------- landlord pursuant to a Lease.
Tenant Allowance. A tenant improvement allowance in an amount set forth in the Work Letter, which shall be allocated according to the terms of the Work Letter, and shall be provided by Landlord to Tenant for the costs relating to the initial design and construction of Tenant’s Improvements, all subject to the terms of the Work Letter.

Examples of Tenant Allowance in a sentence

  • All factors regarding Additional Rent shall remain unchanged, and no Tenant Allowance shall be included in the absence of further agreement by the parties.

  • Any required upgrade to the circuit panel is paid from the Tenant Allowance.

  • The cost of any modifications to the Base Building necessitated by a Tenant fit-out are the responsibility of the Tenant, and will be funded by the Tenant Allowance (if any) provided to the Tenant.

  • With this RLP each Offeror agrees to provide a Tenant Allowance established by GSA.

  • If Tenant does not use the full amount of the Tenant Allowance by December 31, 2015, then Tenant may apply the balance of the Tenant Allowance to rent due.

More Definitions of Tenant Allowance

Tenant Allowance means a cash allowance paid to a tenant by the
Tenant Allowance as set forth in Section 1.1 of the Lease to be $35.00 per rentable square foot of the Building and affirmed that Tenant shall be solely responsible for the cost of all Tenant’s Work and improvements to the Premises in excess of such amount; acknowledged that a portion of Tenant’s Work for the interior build-out of the Second Expansion Premises (as defined in the Third Amendment) was completed prior to the Effective Date in connection with the interior build out of the First Expansion Premises; acknowledged that invoices for work performed for the same may be used by Tenant to support request for payment of Tenant Allowance in connection with the Second Expansion Premises; restated the definition ofBase Rent” set forth in Section 1.1 of the Lease; restated the definition of “Tenant’s Proportionate Share” set forth in Section 1.1 of the Lease; and amended the “Tenant Addendum” (attached to the Fourth Amendment as Exhibit B) as to “Extension Options” and “Right of First Refusal”; and
Tenant Allowance. Xxxxxxx xx Xxxxxxx 0.0 xxxxxx, $20,800,000.00 ($80.00/r.s.f.).
Tenant Allowance means $533,696.00. At Tenant’s request, Landlord shall increase the Tenant Allowance up to an additional sum of $154,944.00 (the “Additional Allowance”) within thirty (30) days of Tenant’s request, provided that such request is made prior to the Commencement Date or such earlier date if Tenant reasonably determines that it needs the Additional Allowance for payment against its share of the cost of the Tenant Improvement Work. Such Additional Allowance shall be treated in the same manner as the Tenant Allowance, provided, however, Tenant shall repay the Additional Allowance in equal monthly installments as Additional Rent over the Lease Term from the Commencement Date to the Expiration Date. The Additional Allowance shall be amortized on a straight line basis from the Commencement Date to the Expiration Date using an 8.00% interest rate. In the event Tenant does receive an Additional Allowance, Landlord and Tenant shall enter into an amendment to the Lease reflecting the additional payments due by reason of the Additional Allowance.
Tenant Allowance shall have the definition set forth in Exhibit D.
Tenant Allowance as provided in Section 21 of the Lease. The Tenant Allowance shall be applied first toward the costs relating to Shell and Core Tenant Upgrades, if any, including applicable Washington State Sales Tax, then toward the construction of the Tenant Work shown on the final approved Tenant's Plans, including applicable Washington State Sales Tax. 2. Landlord shall pay the cost of the Tenant Work, up to the maximum allowance, directly to the Tenant as more fully described in Section IV below.
Tenant Allowance means Forty-Nine Thousand Four Hundred and Seventy-Six and XX/100 ($49,476.00) Dollars. Payments for such construction costs shall be made or credited in monthly disbursements made within a reasonable period of time after the General Contractor has submitted a disbursement request with such back-up information as Landlord shall reasonably request. All Above-Allowance Costs shall be the sole liability and responsibility of Tenant. If the Tenant Allowance exceeds the entire cost of construction of the Landlord's Work, Tenant may use the excess portion of the Tenant Allowance to pay Tenant's architectural and engineering fees.