Definition of Tenant Allowance

Tenant Allowance means a cash allowance paid to a tenant by the landlord pursuant to a Lease.

Examples of Tenant Allowance in a sentence

All factors regarding Additional Rent shall remain unchanged, and no Tenant Allowance shall be included in the absence of further agreement by the parties.
Landlord will disburse the Tenant Allowance described in Section 3 below to pay for the Tenant Improvement Costs (defined hereafter).
All costs in excess of the Tenant Allowance shall be paid by Tenant as provided in Section 3.
If Tenant does not draw down the entire Combined Premises Tenant Allowance, Tenant shall notify Landlord in writing of same and Landlord shall calculate and notify Tenant of the amount that Tenant may deduct from the Annual Fixed Rent each month for the next succeeding twelve months on account of such remaining Combined Premises Tenant Allowance, which amount shall equal the remaining balance of the Combined Premises Tenant Allowance divided by twelve (12).
With this RLP each Offeror agrees to provide a Tenant Allowance established by GSA.