Definition of Temporary Cash Investment

Temporary Cash Investment means any of the following:
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Examples of Temporary Cash Investment in a sentence

No such Temporary Cash Investment may have a maturity which extends beyond the Distribution Date next succeeding the date of such Temporary Cash Investment.
The proceeds may be invested in any Temporary Cash Investment the maturity date of which shall not be later than the Expiration Date.
Ln Descriution (2) 1 Earnings on Temporary Cash Investment for Twelve Months Ending June 30,2005 2 Increase Other Operating Revenues 3 Allocation Factor - OP-REV Section V Workpaper S 4 Page 18 Amount (3) $386,918 $386,918 0.991 4 KPSC Jurisdictional Amount (Ln 2 x Ln 3) $383,436 Witness: E.
F 143 SCHEDULE I (Pursuant to the definition of Temporary Cash Investment in Sectione)) Banque Europeenne pour l=Amerique Latine (BEAL) S.A. Banque Nationale de Paris The First National Bank of Boston Chase Manhattan Bank Citibank Deutsche Bank Banco Frances del Rio de la Plata Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires Banco Holandes Unido Lloyd's Bank Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York.