Definition of TEK

TEK means TEK CHANNEL CONSULTING, LLC., a Colorado limited liability company.

Examples of TEK in a sentence

The Subcontractor shall, through A-TEK, comply with all requirements of the corresponding Section 13 of the SOW and Section of E the Prime CIO-SP2 Contract found in full text at
Etc OH Secretary of State 8/30/93 AK43106 UCC AT & T Capital HP-54600A Digital Oscilloscope Corporation S/N 3227A07440; HP 54650A HP-IB Interface S/N 3230A03925; TEK P6015A High Voltage Probe S/N B010117 OH Secretary of State 6/17/96 AM81510 UCC AT & T Capital Leasing P5-133 Pro Gateway 2000, P5-150 Services, Inc. Gateway 2000.
Notices and other communications shall be addressed as follows: (a) if to the Purchaser : Perry Law 10-11720 Voyageur Way Richmond, BC, V6X 3G9 Tel: 604-718-1882 (b) if to the Vendor: SMART-TEK SOLUTIONS, INC.
Com, Inc. a Delaware corporation ("TEK"), and the undersigned stockholder ("STOCKHOLDER") of DATA SYSTEMS NETWORK CORPORATION, a Michigan corporation ("DSNC").
G.1 Technical and Contractual Representatives When, in the opinion of Subcontractor, technical direction constitutes a change to the Subcontract, Subcontractor shall notify A-TEK immediately for authorization of such change.