Taka definition

Taka means the currency of the Borrower;
Taka or “Tk.” means the lawful currency of Bangladesh;
Taka means the lawful currency of the Government of Peoples' Republic of Bangladesh.

Examples of Taka in a sentence

  • Taka sytuacja two- rzy relacje, które można określić jako podwójną demokratyzację.

  • Sometimes growth rate is positive and very high while other times growth rate is negative.Figure 1: Trend of Total Tax Revenue Figure 2: Growth Rate of Tax Revenue (Crore Taka) Moreover, descriptive statistics of monthly tax revenue collection in Bangla- desh is displayed in table 1, which exhibits some preliminary understanding about nature of the data.

  • Evidence of adequate finance e.g. current Bank solvency and Bank statement of the last 6 months with satisfactory transaction ( at least 20,000 Baht per person and 40,000 Baht per family Or 60,000 Taka per person and 120,000 Taka per family).

  • Particulars relating to award of Contract of Taka fifty ( 50) lakh and above, in prescribed format, shall be notified by the Client to the Central Procurement Technical Unit within seven (7) days of signing of the Contract for publication in their website, and that notice shall be kept posted for not less than a month, and, of that below Taka fifty (50) lakh immediately in Client’s Notice Board or its own website, if available.

  • These financial statements are presented in Bangladesh Taka (BDT/Taka/Tk) which is both functional and presentation currency.

More Definitions of Taka

Taka means the lawful currency of Bangladesh.
Taka means the currency of the Recipient; and
Taka means the currency of the Borrower; and
Taka or “Tk” means the currency of the Borrower.
Taka or the sign "Tk" means taka in the currency of the Borrower.
Taka means the unit of currency of Bangladesh.
Taka means lawful currency of Bangladesh;