PSI definition

PSI means an abbreviation for pounds per square inch.

Examples of PSI in a sentence

  • Insert pressure rinsing nozzle in the side of the container, and rinse at about 40 PSI for at least 30 seconds.

  • The PSI provides subsidies within the meaning of Article 2(1)(a)(ii) and Article 2(2) of the basic Regulation.

  • In approximately 10 business days, you will receive an e-mail from PSI with instructions on how to schedule your exam.

  • It contains the mandatory Proposal Submission Instructions (PSI) document and the Project Objectives, Goals and Implementation (POGI) document for additional formatting and technical requirements.

  • For the purposes of this Annex, the term "panel" shall refer to both three-member panels and single independent trade experts referred to respectively in Article 4(c) and (e) of the PSI Agreement.

More Definitions of PSI

PSI means an educational institution that: (i) was established under, and continues to be regulated by, the Post-Secondary Learning Act (Alberta) and is on the Government of Alberta’s list of designated publicly funded post-secondary institutions at xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxx.xx/types- publicly-funded-post-secondary-institutions.aspx; or (ii) was established under equivalent legislation and on an equivalent list in another province or territory of Canada, or in another country;
PSI has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1(i) with respect to the Partnership and the corresponding interests in each other Operating Group Entity with respect to such Operating Group Entity.
PSI or "psi" shall mean pounds per square inch.
PSI means pounds per square inch absolute.
PSI means ING Pilgrim Securities, Inc.
PSI means pounds per square inch.[PL 1995, c. 560, Pt. H, §14 (NEW); PL 1995, c. 560, Pt. H, §17 (AFF).]