NCI definition

NCI means the National Cancer Institute.
NCI means the non-certificated inventory system of CDS;
NCI means the National Cancer Institute. "NIH" means the National Institutes of Health.

Examples of NCI in a sentence

  • NIH Data Access Committee (DAC) : NCI DAC Important Contacts :; In the event of a data management incident, within 24 hours, please contact emails above.

  • On consultation with Alltec the following actions are to be agreed on in writing within 24 hours: • immediate replacement delivery • return of goods in the agreed amount • sorting-out on site at the supplier’s or/and Alltec • rework • scrapping at the expense of the originator If the complaint occurs for the first time, Alltec asks the supplier to provide a non conformance infor- mation (NCI) according to the template.

  • Licensor, display, trademark or copyright markings or notices placed upon or contained within the software or documentation provided by NCI.

  • The NCI percentage reflects the NCI that exists at Cresco Labs, LLC.

  • Crisis intervention training as needed, due to challenging behavior by the Individual, the assistant will also be trained in crisis intervention techniques such as NCI (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention), MANDT, or others approved by the Division of DD.

More Definitions of NCI

NCI means the non-certificated inventory system operated by CDS;
NCI means National Client Identifier as defined under MiFID II;
NCI has the meaning ascribed to that term in subsection 3.12(1);
NCI means the National Cancer Institute, NIH, DHHS.
NCI means non-controlling interest.
NCI means the non-certificated inventory system administered by CDS.
NCI means Nextel Communications, Inc., a Delaware corporation.