BMC definition

BMC has the meaning assigned thereto in the Recitals hereof.

Examples of BMC in a sentence

  • The minimum denomination of a BMC is 1 MWh (this aligns with the recast Renewable Energy Directive Article 193 ).

  • Scheme Members can verify the validity of a BMC by contacting Green Gas Trading Limited, as can statutory bodies to which the BMCs are being presented for compliance purposes.

  • Green Gas Trading have BMC copies should they be required by a Scheme Account Holder.

  • Ms. Burch, BMC, asked for any comments or changes to the minutes from the September 23, 2021 Baltimore Regional Safety Subcommittee meeting.

  • However, a Producer who wishes to obtain any BMC for its Biomethane under the Scheme undertakes not to register the same Biomethane with any other scheme.

More Definitions of BMC

BMC means the Bellflower Municipal Code, as amended.
BMC means Beazer Mortgage Corporation, a Delaware corporation and Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the Borrower.
BMC means the BCIT Marine Campus, located at 265 W Esplanade, North Vancouver, British Columbia;
BMC means the tax scheme recognized and authorized by the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance known as “corporate taxation on global profits” (or, bénéfice mondial consolidé).
BMC means the Bellingham Municipal Code.
BMC means the BCIT Marine Campus.
BMC means BMC, Ltd., a California limited partnership comprised of the Company, as General Partner, and Whittier, as Limited Partner.