BMC definition

BMC has the meaning assigned thereto in the Recitals hereof.

Examples of BMC in a sentence

  • However, a "casual" or "isolated" business transaction (B.M.C. section 9.04.010) does not subject the contractor to the license tax.

  • Non-profit organizations are granted partial exemptions (see B.M.C. section 9.04.305).

  • If the Contractor is not currently subject to the Living Wage Ordinance, cumulative contracts with the City within a one-year period may subject Contractor to the requirements under B.M.C. Chapter 13.27.

  • Warehousing businesses and charitable organizations are the only entities specifically exempted in the code from the license requirement (see B.M.C. sections, 9.04.295 and 9.04.300).

  • Ordinance No. 5876-N.S. codified in B.M.C. Chapter 13.26 states that, for contracts worth more than $3,000 bids for supplies or bids or proposals for services shall include a completed Workforce Composition Form.

More Definitions of BMC

BMC means the Bellflower Municipal Code, as amended.
BMC means Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation/ Municipal Commissioner for Greater Mumbai for the time being holding the office and also his/her successors, Addl. Municipal Commissioners, / DMC (Engg.), Chief Engineer (SP) and /or their appointed officers for performance of the contract.
BMC means the tax scheme recognized and authorized by the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance known as “corporate taxation on global profits” (or, bénéfice mondial consolidé).
BMC means the BCIT Marine Campus, located at 265 W Esplanade, North Vancouver, British Columbia;
BMC means Beazer Mortgage Corporation, a Delaware corporation and Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of the Borrower.
BMC means BMC, Ltd., a California limited partnership comprised of the Company, as General Partner, and Whittier, as Limited Partner.
BMC means the BCIT Marine Campus.