Definition of Technology Transfer Protocol

Technology Transfer Protocol means the preferred methodology and protocols for Micron to provide Technology implementation training to Photronics hereunder and for implementing that Technology at the Designated Facility. The initial Technology Transfer Protocol is attached hereto as Exhibit B, but may be modified from time to time by the Technology Steering Committee.
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Examples of Technology Transfer Protocol in a sentence

Micron agrees to provide Photronics technical support in connection with technology module transfers (as the term "module" is used in the Technology Transfer Protocol) [****].
Any delay in the timeframes set forth in the Technology Transfer Protocol caused by Galmed or any third party on its behalf shall, to the extent reasonably possible and subject to Perrigo's production schedule, push forward the timeframes of the Project in the least amount of days.
Both Micron and Photronics will make available the appropriate personnel to conduct and receive the onsite training in accordance with the guidelines and time periods set forth in the Technology Transfer Protocol.
The steps to be undertaken and their required time frames are set forth in a technology transfer protocol attached at Annex C (the "Technology Transfer Protocol").