AMD Saxonia Sample Clauses

AMD Saxonia hereby represents and warrants to the Banks as at the date hereof as follows:
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AMD Saxonia undertakes to keep the Agent regularly informed of its financial affairs during the term of the Facilities. In particular, it is agreed as follows:
AMD Saxonia will at all times promptly enforce to the full extent reasonable all its rights under the Operative Documents and at the Agent's request will take all reasonable steps to so do. AMD Saxonia hereby irrevocably appoints the Agent to take all measures and to enter into all undertakings which the Agent regards as necessary following the occurrence of an event which entitles the Banks to terminate this Agreement.
AMD Saxonia undertakes to complete the Project in accordance with:
AMD Saxonia has agreed to pay to the Security Agent a fee in respect of the administration of the security by it in an amount and on terms as to payment set out in a letter of even date between AMD Saxonia and the Security Agent.
AMD Saxonia will notify the Agent, with a copy to the Paying Agent, in an irrevocable Drawdown Notice and/or an interest rate notice to be received at the latest by the fifth Banking Day prior to an Interest Period of the relevant interest rate (variable or fixed rate), the amount for which the specified interest rate shall apply and the duration of the relevant Interest Period. If the Agent has not received in the time specified therefor an interest rate notice in the form set out in Schedule 4 for the ---------- next Interest Period, the relevant advance shall be for an Interest Period of the same duration as the previous Interest Period and bear interest on the same interest rate basis applicable to such Period.
AMD Saxonia agrees to pay to the Paying Agent for the account of each Bank as from the date of execution of this Agreement until the end of the availability period pursuant to ss. 4.2 a commitment fee at the rate of 0,2% per annum on such Bank's commitment of the unused portion of the Facilities calculated on the basis of the actual days elapsed and on the basis of a 360 day year. The commitment fee shall be calculated on a quarterly basis and shall be payable at the end of each calendar quarter for that quarter.
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AMD Saxonia is entitled to prepay the outstanding amount of the Facilities, in whole or in part, but not in an amount of less than DM 10,000,000 or, if higher, an integral multiple of DM 5,000,000 or the total amount outstanding provided that it shall have notified the Paying Agent (with a copy to the Agent) at least five Banking Days in advance by notice in writing, substantially in the form of Schedule 5. Each ---------- repayment shall include accrued interest up to the date of repayment.
AMD Saxonia will as soon as possible and in any event within sixty (60) days of the end of each quarter of each financial year or, in the case of the last quarter of a financial year, within ninety (90) days of such quarter, furnish the Agent with (i) quarterly financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss statement as well as a cash flow statement) for the relevant quarter and the period of the four preceding financial quarters including a comparative statement for the four financial quarters preceding such period together with (ii) a certificate of compliance in respect of the financial covenants as set out in Schedule 18, in each case in a form reasonably satisfactory to the Agent. The quarterly financial statements to be delivered hereunder shall be prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles applicable in Germany as consistently applied.
AMD Saxonia will as soon as possible and at the latest within ninety (90) days after the end of each financial year furnish to the Agent audited financial statements prepared by the Auditor confirming that the financial statements are unqualified and including notes to the statements and a management report, together with an audited cash flow statement including comparative figures for the preceding financial year and an updated Management Plan. At the same time, AMD Saxonia will furnish the Agent with confirmation of the Auditor that the quarterly financial statements furnished at the end of a financial quarter correspond with the audited annual financial statements and AMD Saxonia's books of account (including a reconciliation statement) and whether the financial covenants set out in Schedule 17 have been properly calculated and have been complied with in the relevant financial year, together with a confirmation in accordance with ss. 15.2.
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