Sub-Adviser definition

Sub-Adviser means an adviser to
Sub-Adviser means Nuveen Asset Management, LLC, the Fund’s sub-adviser, which is a subsidiary of the Investment Adviser.
Sub-Adviser means an investment adviser that acts as an investment sub-adviser to a portfolio advised by OFI and is not affiliated with OFI.

Examples of Sub-Adviser in a sentence

  • Fees may be deducted wholly by our firm, or by both our firm and the chosen Sub-Adviser or SMA.

  • The value of the Company’s interests is based on information reasonably available at the time the valuation is made and the Sub-Adviser believes to be reliable.

  • Telephone conversations and electronic communications between the Sub-Adviser and the Adviser may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

  • To the extent ASC 820 is applicable to a Portfolio Fund, the Sub-Adviser generally will value the Company’s investment in the Portfolio Fund based primarily upon the value reported to the Company by the Portfolio Fund or the lead investor of a direct co-investment as of each quarter-end, determined by the Portfolio Fund in accordance with its own valuation policies.

  • The Manager will evaluate and select the Sub-Advisers and will make recommendations to the Board of Trustees about the hiring, termination and replacement of a Sub-Adviser and will oversee, monitor and review the Sub-Advisers and their performance and their compliance with the Fund’s investment policies and restrictions.

More Definitions of Sub-Adviser

Sub-Adviser means any registered investment adviser to any of the DWS Funds, to whom the Adviser delegates certain investment management responsibilities.
Sub-Adviser means an investment adviser that acts as an investment sub-adviser to a portfolio advised by OppenheimerFunds and is not affiliated with OppenheimerFunds.
Sub-Adviser means an investment adviser that acts as a sub-adviser to a portfolio advised by OFI or its affiliates.
Sub-Adviser means each sub-adviser with whom the Adviser has entered into a written agreement pertaining to the management of a Fund's assets.
Sub-Adviser means Xxxxxxx Capital Management, LLC, a corporation formed under Wisconsin law and registered as an investment adviser under the Advisers Act.
Sub-Adviser means any entity who pursuant to a contract with a Fund or EIM, regularly furnishes advice to a Fund with respect to the desirability of investing in, purchasing or selling securities or other property, or is empowered to determine what securities or other property shall be purchased or sold by the Fund.
Sub-Adviser means GSAM LP or any other entity appointed as sub-adviser in relation to the Fund or a Portfolio;