Event Period definition

Event Period shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 7.2 hereof.
Event Period means a time period:
Event Period means the period during which the Organiser has occupation of Olympia London, or parts thereof under the terms of a license agreement with Olympia Limited or Olympia Management Services Limited as applicable, (this will include the build-up and break-down days of the Event);

Examples of Event Period in a sentence

Save as otherwise specified or provided, all Licence Fee must be paid in full (without any set off) within 7 days before the commencement of the Event Period.

These Terms and Conditions shall continue in force throughout the Event Period and until all obligations of the parties have been completed.

The Licence Fee payable by the Licensee falls within the Tariff Rate for and the Licence Fee for Event(s) is and should be paid within 7 days before the commencement of the Event Period.

Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the Licence Document and the full payment of the Licence Fee by the Licensee, HKRIA grants a Licence to the Licensee from the Effective Date for the Event Period specified in paragraph 8 herein.

More Definitions of Event Period

Event Period means a period of time in which the department determines there is a reasonable likelihood of measurable economic impact directly attributable to the preparation for and presentation of the event;
Event Period means the inclusive period defined for the Event on the Website or such longer or shorter period as the Company may notify to the Pilot;
Event Period means the inclusive period from 30th December 2022 to 7th January 2023 or such longer or
Event Period means 24th July to 28th July 2012 and 31st July to 3rd August 2012;
Event Period means the inclusive period from 31st December 2017 to the 15th January 2018 or such
Event Period means the period commencing on the date and at the time this Currency Option is entered into and ending at the Expiration Time on the Expiration Date.5
Event Period. (“Cyfnod y Digwyddiad”) means the period when the Venue will be available to you, as specified by our Venues Team and set out in the application form (but note that we will not usually agree any Event Period which extends beyond 20.00 hours).