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State Procurement Agency or “SPA” means, as appropriate, the Department of General Services, State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management (“STREAM”); the University of Tennessee, Office of Capital Projects (“UT”); the Tennessee Board of Regents, Department of Facilities Development (“TBR”); East Tennessee State University, Office of Facilities Management, Planning, and Construction (“ETSU”); and Austin Peay State University, Capital Planning, Design & Construction (“APSU”); the Tennessee Technological University, Office of Capital Projects and Planning (“TTU”); the Middle Tennessee State University, Department of Campus Planning (“MTSU”); and the University of Memphis, Department of Campus Planning and Design (“UofM”).
State Procurement Agency means the Borrower’s central agency for state procurement as established pursuant to the Law of Georgia “On Public Procurementdated April 20, 2005.
State Procurement Agency means a non-commercial state organization established and operating in accordance with the Government Decree No. 914-N dated June 27, 2002;

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  • Time limits for appealing, during the election/referendum period, by the state procurement-related Disputes Resolution Board of the State Procurement Agency against decisions of the CEC and/or its tender commissions, and the terms and procedure for considering a complaint and for appealing the decisions delivered shall be defined under Article 77 of this Law.

  • During the election/referendum period, decisions of the CEC and/or its tender commissions may be appealed within 2 calendar days after they are made to the state procurement-related Disputes Resolution Board of the State Procurement Agency, which will consider a complaint and will make an appropriate decision within 2 calendar days after the complaint is received.

  • In order to enforce the measures determined by this article, procuring institutions shall be given the right to procure necessary services/goods in the case of urgent necessity and/or in accordance with Article 101(3)(d) of the Law of Georgia on Public Procurement, under the simplified procurement procedure, with the consent of the LEPL State Procurement Agency.

  • Not available.Source: State Procurement Agency, 2020 Annual Report.

  • The Owner is the State of Tennessee operating through the State Procurement Agency (SPA) identified in the SBC-6 Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Designer.

  • Source: State Procurement Agency A similar dependence could be seen between bidding terms and money savings from procurements (Figure 7).

  • In other cases, the obligation to submit the contract execution guarantee might be omitted.The Dispute Resolution Board functions at the State Procurement Agency of Georgia since 2011, which enables appeals on the tenders electronically.

  • Georgia's State Procurement Agency was established in 2001 as the Government's independent procurement entity under public law that coordinates and monitors public procurement activities in Georgia.

  • Note that a volunteer’s answer being correct or incorrect is defined relative to the image’s (unknown) true classification and so is often not directly observable in practice.

  • Georgia has established its procurement thresholds in line with those of the European Union.204 An Order of the Chairman of the State Procurement Agency from 2019 establishes that the thresholds in the EU directives are to be followed: • For supplies of goods and services, the equivalent of EUR 139,000 in GEL; and • For works, the equivalent of EUR 5,350,000 in GEL.

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State Procurement Agency means the State Procurement Agency of the Borrower established under Decree No.583 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 16 May 1997, or any successor thereto; and
State Procurement Agency or “SPA” means, as to Tennessee Tech University, Planning and Finance.
State Procurement Agency or “SPA” means, as to Tennessee Tech University, Capital Projects and Planning.

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  • State Contracting Agency means the department for which this contract is to be performed and for which the Commissioner or Authorized Designee acted in signing this contract.

  • The Procuring Agency means the organization purchasing the Goods, as named in SCC.

  • Competent Authority and ‘Appellate Authority’ shall mean the following:

  • Licensing agency means the Rhode Island Department of Health.

  • Cooperating agency means any Federal agency other than a lead agency which has jurisdiction by law or special expertise with respect to any environmental impact involved in a proposal (or a reasonable alternative) for legislation or other major Federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment. The selection and responsibilities of a cooperating agency are described in Sec. 1501.6. A State or local agency of similar qualifications or, when the effects are on a reservation, an Indian Tribe, may by agreement with the lead agency become a cooperating agency.

  • Michigan state housing development authority means the public body corporate and politic created by Section 21 of the State Housing Development Authority Act of 1966, 1966 PA 346, MCL 125.1421.

  • Investment authority means the responsibility conferred by action of law or a provision of an appropriate governing instrument to make, select or change investments, review investment decisions made by others, or to provide investment advice or counsel to others;

  • Procuring Agency means all State of New Mexico agencies, commissions, institutions, political subdivisions and local public bodies allowed by law to entertain procurements.

  • Management Authority means a national management authority designated in accordance with Article IX;

  • Organ procurement organization means a person designated by the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services as an organ procurement organization.

  • Procurement organization means an eye bank, organ procurement organization, or tissue bank.

  • Nodal Agency means the Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Limited, (MPUVNL) Bhopal;

  • Lead Agency means the agency facilitating the procurement and establishing the Contract.

  • System Agency means HHSC or any of the agencies of the State of Texas that are overseen by HHSC under authority granted under State law and the officers, employees, authorized representatives and designees of those agencies. These agencies include: HHSC and the Department of State Health Services.

  • Development Authority means the New Jersey Schools

  • Host agency means a public agency, private nonprofit organization, or private sector employer, other than a political party, exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which provides a training site and supervision for a participant.

  • Virginia Stormwater Management Program authority or "VSMP authority" means an authority approved by the Board after September 13, 2011, to operate a Virginia Stormwater Management Program or, until such approval is given, the Department. An authority may include a locality; state entity, including the Department; federal entity; or, for linear projects subject to annual standards and specifications in accordance with subsection B of § 10.1-603.5, electric, natural gas, and telephone utility companies, interstate and intrastate natural gas pipeline companies, railroad companies, or authorities created pursuant to § 15.2-5102.

  • Stormwater management planning agency means a public body authorized by legislation to prepare stormwater management plans.

  • City agency means each and every agency, department, board, commission, authority, employee, and/or official acting under the authority of the City, including, without limitation, the City Council and the Planning Commission.

  • State educational agency ’ means, as the State legisla- ture may determine, (A) the chief State school officer (such as the State superintendent of public instruction, commissioner of education, or similar officer), or (B) a board of education con- trolling the State department of education.

  • Regulatory Agency means any federal or state agency charged with the supervision or regulation of depository institutions or holding companies of depository institutions, or engaged in the insurance of depository institution deposits, or any court, administrative agency or commission or other authority, body or agency having supervisory or regulatory authority with respect to the Company, the Bank or any of their Subsidiaries.

  • escort agency means a person or business association who furnishes, offers to furnish, or advertises to furnish escorts as one of its primary business purposes for a fee, tip, or other consideration.

  • competent authorities means the competent authorities of the Member States as identified on the websites listed in Annex II;

  • Procurement Management means the Director of Lee County’s Procurement Management Department or designee.

  • CPSC means the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

  • Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) means the Government Agency responsible for oversight of public procurement.