Financial Account definition

Financial Account means an account maintained by a Financial Institution, and includes:
Financial Account means a “Financial Account” as used in the Irish IGA;
Financial Account has the meaning set forth in relevant U.S. Treasury Regulations, but does not include any account that is excluded from the definition of Financial Account in Annex II.

Examples of Financial Account in a sentence

  • The commitment letter shall state the following and be signed by the Program Management Representative and the Financial Account Managers (FAM) at the Branch Chief level:The goods and/or services are legitimate and represent a bona fide need for FY (insert fiscal year and color of money(appropriated type of funds or DWCF)).

  • Reserve of the International Financial Account is provided from net earnings on the International Financial Accou nt, and Reserve of the Overseas Economic Cooper ation Accou nt is provided from or reversed to net earnings on the Overseas Economic Cooperation Account, pursuant to Article 44 of the JBIC Law, respectively.

  • A part of the net earnings on the International Financial Account is paid to the National Treasury, pursuant to Article 44 of the JBIC law.

  • For employment onboarding process and HR administration: Employee ID, Financial Account (for setting up direct deposit, not kept in system after forwarding to USDA), Date of Birth, Driver’s License, Passport, Alias, Gender, Age, Race, Home Address, Military Service, Occupation, Job title, Work History, Salary, Performance Plans, Fingerprints and Photographs (both forwarded to DEERS and not retained).

  • The amounts of such loans, among “Restructured Loans” indicated above, are ¥ 118,206 million ($1,063 million) of which ¥ 75,874 millon ($682 million) is the amount of principal for International Financial Account and ¥ 765,930 million ($6,885 million) of which ¥ 554,030 million ($4,980 million) is the amount of principal for Overseas Economic Cooperation Account.

More Definitions of Financial Account

Financial Account means any financial account of which you are the beneficial owner that is maintained by a third party outside of the Services, including, but not limited to third-party payment service accounts or accounts maintained by third party financial institutions.
Financial Account means a checking, savings, share, stored value, prepaid, payroll card or other depository account.[PL 2013, c. 480, §1 (NEW).]
Financial Account means an account (other than an excluded account) maintained by a financial institution, and includes-