Cash Account definition

Cash Account has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(a)(ii).
Cash Account or “Cash Accounts” means any or all of the segregated trust accounts to be established at the Custodian to which the Custodian shall deposit or credit and hold any cash or Proceeds received by it from time to time from or with respect to the Securities or the sale of the Securities of the Company, as applicable, which trust accounts shall be designated the “Cash Proceeds Account”, “Principal Account”, and “Interest Account”.
Cash Account means the account in which the funds handed over by the client shall be held by the Portfolio Manager on behalf of the Client.

Examples of Cash Account in a sentence

  • This means that (i) the Client will have use of the funds from the date that a sale was contracted to settle or the payable date, which may be earlier than the date payment actually occurs and (ii) the Custodian will have use of the funds debited from the Cash Account from the date that a purchase was contracted to settle until the date that settlement actually occurs.

  • Where Contractual Settlement applies, the Custodian will credit or debit the appropriate Cash Account on the contractual settlement date or payable date for the relevant transaction.

  • Custody Cash Account: Account Number EUR 14089138; and (B) Custody Securities Account: Account Number 6171617877.

  • The Custodian will credit such amounts to the Cash Account of the Client as received, except where Contractual Settlement applies.

  • The Custodian reserves the right to decline to process any Proper Instruction or settle any transaction that would result in an overdraft of the Cash Account.

More Definitions of Cash Account

Cash Account has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(a)(ii) of this Agreement.
Cash Account means an account established under the Plan for a Non-employee Director to which cash meeting fees and retainers have been or are to be credited in the form of cash.
Cash Account means the bookkeeping account established pursuant to Section 8(c) on behalf of each Director who elects pursuant to Section 8(b) to have any of his or her Deferred Compensation credited to a cash account.
Cash Account means an account, or accounts held for the benefit of the Accountholder into which HSA dollars are swept from the Contribution Account and held until swept into the Investment Account or Distribution Account. The Cash Account balance is utilized for authorizing distribution requests and purchases with a debit card.
Cash Account has the meaning set forth in Section 8.01.