Definition of POT

  1. POT means the Project Oversight Team;

Examples of POT in a sentence

  1. The parties, via the POT or PGT, shall discuss any such proposed delegation reasonably in advance thereof, and Novasep shall consider any concerns raised by Celladon in good faith.
  2. 3445MP3332 11 FMC CDU (MULTI-PURPOSE) FMC/ACARS/FDAU FMC CDU ONLY 3461CG3465 3461CG3464 12 CREW O2 BOTTLE 114 CU FT 76 CU FT 3510CE3098 3510CG3097 13 POT H20 VOL.
  3. EISCC or Expanded Interconnection Service Cross Connect means the connection between the collocation Point of Termination (POT) and the unbundled Network Element or interconnection point to a switched or dedicated service in NEVADAS network.