SIDES definition

SIDES is an acronym, and means the State Information Data Exchange System. SIDES is a secure, nationally standardized, web based system that allows electronic transmission of information requests from DES to employers or third party administrators, as well as electronic transmission of replies containing the requested information back to DES.
SIDES is an acronym, and means the State Information Data Exchange System. SIDES is a
SIDES of a Pier means the edges of the Pier other than the edge connecting the Pier with dry land and other than the End of the Pier.

Examples of SIDES in a sentence

  • Sides Chief Legal Officer Title: Sr. Administrative Assistant Title: Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.

  • This Contract comes into force from the moment of the signing and is acting until the Sides fulfill their obligations according the Contract.

  • Green Valley RoadGreensboro, NC 27408Contact: Delores Sides (336) 379-2903 International Textile Group, Inc.

  • Contract – this contract with all the supplements, additional Agreements to the Contact, registered and signed in established order by representatives of Sides in term of Contract.

  • Sides Facsimile: (000) 000-0000 Each party will provide written notice to the other parties of any change in its address.

  • M/W/O 000 Xxxxxxx Xx Xxxxxx XX Xxxxxxxx 28645-8338 United States No. 275 Particleboard & Drawer Sides Broyhill Furniture Industries, Inc.

  • This level of growth was achieved through the acquisition of approximately $200 million in loans from Extebank, North Side's purchase of $150 million in residential mortgage loans and strong loan demand during the second half of 1996.

  • Sides (East & West): 4" face brick on concrete block, 5" thick precast concrete panel pure white exposed aggregate with 1" x 3" horizontal and vertical accent bands, 10 tinted double glazed windows in aluminum trim a complete with 9" high prefinished aluminum insulated base.

  • SCHEDULE 6 Core Menu Items · Mild Bone-in Chicken · Spicy Bone-in Chicken · Mild Chicken Sandwich · Spicy Chicken Sandwich · Cajun Fries · Additional Sides (2) · Chicken Tenders · Chicken Nuggets · Seafood Offering (1) · At least 3 dipping sauces · Desserts (2) CERTAIN PORTIONS OF THE EXHIBIT THAT ARE NOT MATERIAL AND IS THE TYPE OF INFORMATION THAT THE REGISTRANT TREATS AS PRIVATE OR CONFIDENTIAL HAVE BEEN REDACTED PURSUANT TO ITEM 601(b)(10)(iv) OF REGULATION S-K.

  • If any contention is made that there are more than two sides to an issue, that contention shall be resolved by dividing the parties into two Sides by grouping together those parties most closely aligned with each other.

More Definitions of SIDES

SIDES. , "walls", or "faces" means the vertical or inclined earth surfaces formed as a result of trenching or excavation work.
SIDES means C. Xxxxx Xxxxx III.
SIDES means the Unemployment Insurance (UI) State Information Data Exchange System.

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