Junk definition

Junk means old or scrap copper, brass, rope, rags, batteries, paper, trash, rubber, debris, waste, or junked, dismantled, or wrecked automobiles, or parts thereof, iron, steel, and other old or scrap ferrous or nonferrous material.
Junk means all old or scrap copper, brass, lead, or any other non-ferrous metal; old or discarded rope, rags, batteries, paper, trash, rubber, debris, waste or used lumber, or salvaged wood; dismantled vehicles, machinery and appliances or parts of such vehicles, machinery or appliances; iron, steel or other old or scrap ferrous materials; old or discarded glass, tinware, plastic or old or discarded household goods or hardware. Neatly stacked firewood located on a side yard or a rear yard is not considered junk.
Junk means old or scrap copper, brass, iron, steel, and other old or scrap or nonferrous material including, but not limited to, rope, rags, batteries, glass, rubber debris, waste, trash, or any discarded, dismantled, wrecked, scrapped, or ruined motor vehicle or parts thereof.

Examples of Junk in a sentence

Bankruptcy, Credit Risk, and High Yield Junk Bonds (Blackwell Publishers Ltd, UK).

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Approve Junk Yard Application – A.S. Milkowski & Sons Motion by Mr. Wunder, seconded by Ms. Koehler and carried by unanimous favorable roll callvote, the Township Committee approved a Junkyard Application for A.S. Milkowski & Sons.

Instead of providing a l the popular features, Security Master Antivirus&VPN(by CM) introduced Inteligent Diagnosis to detect your phone status and advise needed solution, including Antivirus, Junk Clean, and Phone Booster (Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler) in time.

Lei Yue Mun is a short channel located between Junk Bay and Victoria Harbour that separates Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

More Definitions of Junk

Junk means old and dilapidated automobiles, trucks, tractors, and other such vehicles and parts thereof, wagons and other kinds of vehicles and parts thereof, scrap, used building material, scrap contractorsequipment, tanks, casks, cans, barrels, boxes, drums, piping, bottles, glass, old iron, machinery, rags, paper, excelsior, hair, mattresses, beds, or bedding or any other kind of scrap or waste material which is stored, kept, handled, or displayed for barter, resale, reuse, salvage, stripping, or trade.
Junk means any old or scrap metal, metal alloy, synthetic or organic material, or waste, or any junked, ruined, dismantled or wrecked motor vehicle or machinery, or any part thereof.
Junk means and includes, but is not limited to, surplus materials, secondhand material, any damaged, discarded, obsolete, salvaged, scrapped, worn-out, wrecked or dismantled object, thing or material composed in whole or part of asphalt, brick, carbon, cement, plastic or other synthetic substance, fibre, glass, metal, paper, plaster, plaster of paris, rubber, wool, terra cotta,
Junk means materials which will not be utilized if not collected and processed for reuse or recycling, including but not limited to mean: old scrap; copper; brass; iron; steel; rope; wire; glass; rags; batteries; paper trash; rubber; debris; demolition waste; abandoned mobile homes, dismantled or wrecked; untaxed, untitled or unlicensed vehicles or parts thereof; and other old or scrap ferrous or nonferrous material.
Junk means any salvaged or scrap copper, brass, iron, steel, metal, rope, rags, batteries, paper, wood, trash, plastic, rubber, tires, waste or other articles or materials commonly designated as junk. Junk, except as provided in subsections (B) or (C), shall also mean any dismantled, wrecked or inoperable motor vehicles or recreational vehicles or parts thereof which are stored or parked on property outside of an enclosed building and which remain in such condition for a period of time in excess of sixty days. An automobile, truck or bus shall be considered inoperable if it is not currently registered and licensed in this state or another state.