SIC definition

SIC means standard industrial classification code.
SIC means the Standard Industrial Classification Code or Industrial Grouping from the U.S. Office of Management and Budget Standard Industrial Classification Manual, 1987 edition.
SIC means standard industrial classification. SIC codes cited in this chapter are from the 1987 edition of the Stan- dard Industrial Classification Manual.

Examples of SIC in a sentence

  • We rely on a firm’s primary SIC to define the following seven broad industries: (1) agriculture; (2) mining; (3) construction; (4) light manufacturing; (5) heavy manufacturing; (6) communications and transportation; and (7) services.

  • Remaining 20% of the Base Price of the Equipment along with applicable GST shall be paid after successful installation, commissioning and initial end user training by the authorised service team of the supplier and furnishing of Satisfactory Installation Certificate (SIC) as per Format 3b.

  • SIC codes identify the main industry of activity at reporting unit level.

  • IFRSs include a set of standards and interpretations approved by the Board, and also the International Accounting Standards (IASs) and the Standard Interpretation Committee’s (SIC) Interpretations issued under previous constitutions.

  • One option, widely used in older studies66, was to identify competitors according to industry classification codes (i.e. SIC, NACE) and include all firms that belong to the same industry as merging parties.

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