ESIC definition

ESIC means Employees' State Insurance Corporation
ESIC means Employee State Insurance Corporation.
ESIC means Employees’ State Insurance Corporation of India

Examples of ESIC in a sentence

  • The successful bidder shall submit valid registration certificate under E.S.I.C., Act 1948, if the tenderer has more than 10 employees /persons on his establishment (in case of production by use of energy) and 20 employees/persons on his establishment (in case of production without use of energy) to MCGM as and when demanded.

  • IndiaGuidelines issued vide O.M. No. 4(1)/2013-DPE (GM)/FTS-1835 dated 2.05.2018 (asupdated or latest amended) on administrative mechanism for resolution of CPSE disputes, through DG, ESIC.

  • The dispute shall be referred to the sole decision of the Chief Engineer, ESIC whose decision shall be binding on both the parties.In case of dispute still persisting, the matter will be referred for settlement as per Govt.

  • In case agency fails to submit the requisite registration certificate for the work under the agreement, he may be allowed to enter in to the agreement on production of Indemnity bond certificate in favour of BSNL against any EPF, ESIC & BOCW liability.

  • The contractor shall invariably furnish EPF /ESIC / BOCW registration certificate at the time of entering into agreement.

More Definitions of ESIC

ESIC means the ESIC and the legal successors in the title to ESIC.
ESIC means Employee’s State Insurance Corporation.
ESIC means the Employee State Insurance Corporation, established under the Employees'State Insurance Act, 1948;
ESIC has the meaning provided in paragraph 1(a)(ii) of Part B of Annex I.
ESIC means Employees' State Insurance Corporation "EPFO" means Employees' Provident Fund Organization "VAT" means Value Added Tax
ESIC means Employees “State Insurance Corporation.