Elevation definition

Elevation means the vertical distance of a point or a level, on or affixed to the surface of the earth, measured from mean sea level;
Elevation means and refer to the front architectural façade of a dwelling.
Elevation means, with respect to each Closing Date Participation, such Closing Date Participation is elevated to an assignment.

Examples of Elevation in a sentence

  • Absolute Vertical Accuracy• Absolute vertical accuracy of the lidar data and the derived DEM will be assessed and reported in accordance with ASPRS (2014) .• Vegetated and nonvegetated land cover types shall be assessed for absolute vertical accuracy.• Federal Emergency Management Agency (2003) identifies seven land cover types; National Digital Elevation Program (2004) and ASPRS (2004) reiterate the first five of those types.

  • ACE2: The New Global Digital Elevation Model, in Gravity, Geoid and Earth Observation, vol.

  • Drawing No.02036-HBA-A1-XX-DR-A-08212 Rev P3; Proposed East Elevation.

  • Drawing No.02036-HBA-A1-XX-DR-A-08211 Rev P3; Proposed North Elevation.

  • L section/ Cross section/ Elevation of Roads, SWD, Sewerage, WaterSupply, Boundary Wall, Retaining Wall etc.

More Definitions of Elevation

Elevation means Elevation Partners, L.P.
Elevation means height above mean sea level. The North American Vertical Datum (NAVD) of 1988 (2001 Adjusted) shall be used. Any future studies changing the FIRM which is referenced to a later re-leveling of the vertical control system shall be used whenever a revised FIRM becomes effective.
Elevation means the vertical distance above or below mean sea level.
Elevation or “EL” means the vertical distance from the datum to a point under investigation.
Elevation shall have the meaning given to such term in the Participation Agreement.
Elevation has the meaning specified in the Recitals.
Elevation means an exterior facade of a structure, or its head-on view, or representation thereof drawn with no vanishing point.