Wind Turbine definition

Wind Turbine means a part of a system that converts energy into electricity, and consists of a wind turbine, a tower and associated control or conversion electronics. A wind turbine and energy system may be connected to the electricity grid in circuits at a substation to provide electricity off-site for sale to an electrical utility or other intermediary, where there is a rated output of more than 3 kilowatts.
Wind Turbine means a wind energy conversion system that converts wind energy into electricity through the use of a wind turbine generator, and includes the nacelle, rotor, tower, and pad transformer, if any.
Wind Turbine means a mechanical/electrical system that converts the kinetic energy of blowing wind into mechanical or electric power.

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Decommissioning of the Wind Energy System shall include removal of the Wind Turbine.

Wind Turbine Height: The distance from existing grade at the base of the tower to the highest point of the turbine blade when in use.

Poore, R.; Lettenmaier, Alternative Design Study Report: WindPACT Advanced Wind Turbine Drive Train Designs Study.

Wind Turbine Paint Standard Colors In geographic areas that experience lengthy periods of snow cover (i.e., Alaska), and where it is deemed necessary, the mast of the turbine may be painted alternating bands of aviation orange and white to provide additional contrast against the snow.

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Wind Turbine means any wind energy conversion system with a nameplate generating capacity greater than 300 kilowatts that converts wind energy into electricity for sale to an electrical utility or intermediary. 2. CALCULATION OF DEVELOPMENT CHARGES (1) Subject to the provisions of this By-law, the Development Charges against land in the County shall be imposed, calculated and collected in accordance with the rates set out in Schedule “B” relating to the services set out in Schedule “A” (2) Council hereby determines that the Development of land, Buildings or structures for Residential and Non-Residential uses will require the provision, enlargement or expansion of the Services referenced in Schedule “A”; and shall be calculated as follows:
Wind Turbine means any piece of electrical generating equipment that converts the kinetic energy of blowing wind into electrical energy through the use of airfoils or similar devices to capture the wind.
Wind Turbine means a machine with turbine apparatus (rotor blades, nacelle and tower) capable of producing electricity by converting the kinetic energy of wind into rotational, mechanical and electrical energy; provided, the term does not include electrical distribution or transmission lines, or electrical substations.
Wind Turbine means any piece of electrical generating equipment that converts the kinetic energy of blowing wind into electrical energy.
Wind Turbine means a tubular or latticed, guyed or freestanding tower having located thereon a generator, which converts wind energy into electricity. A wind turbine, tower, foundation and any appurtenances are manufactured and erected with consideration for site soil conditions and in accordance with CSA standards, engineered design and/or applicable industry standards. This definition shall include Structures Accessory thereto.
Wind Turbine means a device that converts kinetic wind energy into rotational energy that drives an electrical generator. A wind turbine typically consists of a tower, nacelle body, and a rotor with two or more blades.
Wind Turbine means a wind turbine generator, each including the following components: a tower, a nacelle, turbine blades, controller/low voltage distribution panel console (including interconnecting cabling from the nacelle to the ground controller), control panels, wind vanes, FAA lighting, grounding, and anemometers.