Docking facility definition

Docking facility means a public, private, or commercial marina, yacht club, dock, or wharf used for mooring, serving, or otherwise handling watercraft.
Docking facility means any public, private or commercial marina, yacht club, dock, wharf or in-water mooring used for anchoring, berthing, mooring, serving or otherwise handling vessels, and includes a facility organized as a common interest community;
Docking facility means any structures and/or equipment used to temporarily secure a vessel to a shoreline or another vessel so that materials, cargo, and/or people may be transferred between the vessel and the shore, or between two vessels together with associated land, equipment, and structures so as to allow the receiving, accumulating,

Examples of Docking facility in a sentence

  • Docking facility if no excessive contact with waste product that would otherwise constitute mine drainage.

  • Depreciation: The VPT has computed depreciation for civil and mechanical assets at Dry Docking facility on Fabrication of new gate for 15 years, Civil repair works on dock for 30 years, Electrical switch gear renewals/ repairs for 10 years, Dredging cost for 10 years, Pump house for 60 years and Winch house for 30 years.

  • Docking facility and marina design standards shall be governed by all applicable federal and state standards and regulations.

  • The glass will be replaced at no charge due to a manufacturer defect-An extension of the Wednesday single point collection pickup at the Aylen Lake Docking facility was proposed.

  • Thank you Ray Senez PresidentGranite Hills Estates Home Owners Association Discussion/Questions followed: Boat Launch/Docking Facility:Ray Senez: There is still no timetable from the developer regarding Boat Launch/ Docking facility.

  • Docking facility for specialized mobile diagnostic units (lithroscopy, cardiac, catheterization and MRI).

  • Docking facility will be provided by NSRY(Pbr) on any one of the floating dock for docking duration.

  • Docking facility as a minor conditional use as specified in the Multifamily (MF) Zoning District.

  • This area is comprised primarily of single-family residential units.

  • Section 9.5-4(D), Monroe County Code, Definitions, is amended to add a new definition to be inserted in alphabetical order to read as follows:(D- ) Dock or Docking facility means a fixed or floating structure built and used for the landing, berthing, and/or mooring of vessels or water craft either temporarily or indefinitely.

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Docking facility means any facility which is located wholly or partially on a body of water and which rents slips or similar spaces for recreational boats to be used by transients for sleeping.
Docking facility means any structures and/or equipment used to temporarily secure a vessel to a shoreline or another vessel so that materials, cargo, and/or people may be transferred between the vessel and the shore, or between two vessels together with associated land, equipment, and structures so as to allow the receiving, accumulating, safekeeping, storage, and preparation of cargoes for further shipment, and administrative maintenance purposes directly related to such receiving, accumulating, safekeeping, storage, and preparation of cargoes for further shipment.

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  • LNG facility means a terminal which is used for the liquefaction of natural gas or the importation, offloading, and re-gasification of LNG, and includes ancillary services and temporary storage necessary for the re-gasification process and subsequent delivery to the transmission system, but does not include any part of LNG terminals used for storage;

  • Existing Facility means a facility in existence on any given date, newly constructed or altered.

  • Dry cleaning facility means an establishment with one or more dry cleaning systems.

  • Tanning facility means a place that provides access to tanning devices for compensation.

  • Generating Facility means the Generating Unit(s) comprising Seller’s power plant, as more particularly described in Section 1.02 and Exhibit B, including all other materials, equipment, systems, structures, features and improvements necessary to produce electric energy and thermal energy, excluding the Site, land rights and interests in land.

  • Vending facility means automatic vending machines, cafeterias, snack bars, cart service, shelters, counters, and such other appropriate auxiliary equipment which may be operated by licensed managers and which is necessary for the sale of newspapers, periodicals, confections, tobacco products, foods, beverages, and other articles or services dispensed automatically or manually and prepared on or off the premises in accordance with all applicable health laws and including the vending or exchange of chances for any lottery authorized by State Law and conducted by an agency of a State within such State. [CFR 34, Part 395.1(X)]

  • Parking Facility means a parking area or structure having

  • Existing Facilities means all existing buildings and other facilities, the sites for the buildings or facilities, and furnishings or equipment for the buildings or facilities located on real property acquired by the building authority under the terms of this act.

  • Processing facility means an establishment that prepares, treats, or converts tangible personal property into finished goods or another form of tangible personal property. The term includes a business engaged in processing agricultural, aquacultural, or maricultural products and specifically includes meat, poultry, and any other variety of food processing operations. It does not include an establishment in which retail sales of tangible personal property are made to retail customers.

  • Facility Site shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals to the Facility Site Lease.

  • Recycling Facility means equipment used by a trade or business solely for recycling:

  • Composting facility means a site, location, tract of land, installation, or building used for composting of solid waste in accordance with Chapter 3734. of the Revised Code and rules adopted thereunder. The composting facility includes the area of materials placement and any leachate management system structures.

  • Parking Facilities means parking lots or other off-street areas for the parking of vehicles, including areas below or above the surface of streets.

  • Facility means the entire operation located on the property where the Equipment is located;

  • Cannabis processing facility means a person that:

  • Receiving facility means a structure that is designed to receive septage waste for treatment at a wastewater treatment plant or at a research, development, and demonstration project authorized under section 11511b to which the structure is directly connected, and that is available for that purpose as provided for in an ordinance of the local unit of government where the structure is located or in an operating plan. Receiving facility does not include either of the following:

  • Refinancing Facility has the meaning specified in Section 2.16(a).

  • Outsourcing facility means a facility that is engaged in the compounding of sterile drugs and is currently registered as an outsourcing facility with the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services and that complies with all applicable requirements of federal and state law, including the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

  • Nursing facility means an institution as defined in Iowa Code chapter 135C. This definition does not include acute care settings.

  • Marijuana testing facility means an entity licensed to analyze and certify the safety and potency of marijuana.

  • Generating Facilities means Interconnection Customer’s device for the production and/or storage for later injection of electricity identified in the Interconnection Request, but shall not include the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities. Generation Interconnection Customer:

  • Clean coal SNG facility means a facility that uses a

  • Holding facility means a designated area for the retention of

  • Repair facility Means any licensed automotive REPAIR FACILITY capable of performing repair services to a COVERED PART, approved by the ADMINISTRATOR, and at which YOU seek to acquire service under this CONTRACT.

  • Production facility means a facility in California at which gasoline or CARBOB is produced. Upon request of a producer, the executive officer may designate, as part of the producer's production facility, a physically separate bulk storage facility which (A) is owned or leased by the producer, and (B) is operated by or at the direction of the producer, and (C) is not used to store or distribute gasoline or CARBOB that is not supplied from the production facility.

  • Triage facility means a short-term facility or a portion