Dock definition

Dock means a structure built over or floating upon the water and used as a landing place for boats and other marine transport, fishing, swimming, and other recreational uses.
Dock means the location where a riverboat moors for the purpose of embarking passengers for and disembarking passengers from the riverboat.

Examples of Dock in a sentence

See vMax View and HDD Dock, on page 2–3.On Screen Display MenusFor local video access, connect a portable video monitor to the TL-HD DVR’s Video Out jack.

To do this…Use...On-screen display with monitor and trackball mousevMax Web access with Internet ExplorerHDD Dock or SD Card & vMax ViewConfigure the DVR menu settings. Playback and view recorded analog camera video with single channel view or multiple views.Search for video from a Segment, an Events list, or by time and date.Playback recorded HD camera video in single channel view or with multiple views.

At the Dock Co. yard on the Tyne, where the employers had refused to set up welding shops on board the vessel, the practice of welding pipes together in outdoor sheds after having fitted the pipes to the correct dimensions on-board the vessel had developed in the 1950s.

In the Tyne Dock area, a connection with the present Metro route could be achieved on existing railway land.

Notice is hereby given that the 70th AGMof the Scheme will be held in Liverpool The date:Thursday 5 October 2017 from 1.00pm; formal business starting at 2.00pm The venue:Crowne Plaza, Liverpool City Centre, Princes Dock, Pier Head, Liverpool, L3 1QW By Order of the Committee of Management.Miners’ memorial garden The miners’ memorial garden at the National Coal Mining Museum for England is housed beside the museum on the Caphouse Colliery site near Wakefield.

More Definitions of Dock

Dock means the location where an excursion gambling boat moors for the purpose of embarking passengers for and disembarking passengers from a gambling excursion.
Dock means a structure built at or anchored to the shore at which boats or other floating vessels are berthed or secured to and which may provide a foundation for a boathouse.
Dock means a structure on land or in the water to be used for transferring goods or passengers to or from a boat or airplane.
Dock means a platform used for access to a water body or to secure, protect and provide access to a boat or ship. The platform may extend from a shore over the water body or may be a floating platform attached to a mooring.[PL 2017, c. 194, §1 (NEW).]
Dock means a structure, floating or fixed, including a wharf or pier, where boats can remain for loading, unloading, repair or storage on or adjacent to water, but does not include connecting ramps, stairs or walkways.