Wastewater treatment facility definition

Wastewater treatment facility means a plant or premises used to treat industrial wastewater or domestic wastewater or any combination of industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater and permitted pursuant to ch. 283.
Wastewater treatment facility means a treatment works, as defined in section 212 of the clean water act, that is located in this state and that is designed to hold, cleanse or purify or to prevent the discharge of untreated or inadequately treated sewage or other polluted waters for purposes of complying with the clean water act.
Wastewater treatment facility means a treatment works, as

Examples of Wastewater treatment facility in a sentence

  • All deliveries shall be made to the Barnstable Wastewater Treatment Facility on Bearse’s Way or to a sewer pumping station located in the Town of Barnstable.

  • MAPP Reasonable Potential Determination for the Hinesburg Wastewater Treatment Facility pg.

  • The discharge is from the Westerly Wastewater Treatment Facility.

  • I am working on a project at the Arcata Wastewater Treatment Facility to determine the treatment capabilities expected from three enhancement wetlands used for tertiary treatment.

More Definitions of Wastewater treatment facility

Wastewater treatment facility means a mechanical or chemical treatment facility serving a site with multiple wastewater sources. (2006-82, s. 1; 2010-31, s. 13.2(e); 2011-145, s. 13.3(ll).)
Wastewater treatment facility means any arrangement of devices and structures used for treating sewage.
Wastewater treatment facility means any structure or thing used for the physical, chemical, biological or radiological treatment of wastewater, and includes sludge treatment, wastewater sludge storage and disposal facilities.
Wastewater treatment facility means all the struc- tures, pipes, and other equipment that constitute the various treat- ment processes and treatment units employed to reduce pollutants in wastewater.
Wastewater treatment facility means a treatment system permitted by the department and designed to remove biological or chemical waste products from water.
Wastewater treatment facility means a publicly owned plant, device, structure or equipment used to treat, neutralize, stabilize, reuse or dispose of wastewater and treatment residuals.
Wastewater treatment facility means either a domestic wastewater treatment facility or an industrial wastewater treatment facility.