Satisfactory definition

Satisfactory means satisfactory in the opinion of the Commission;
Satisfactory. “accepted;” “acceptable;” “proper;” “required;” “necessary” and “equal” shall mean as approved, directed, satisfactory, accepted, acceptable, proper, required, necessary and equal, in the opinion of the District. The term “typical” as used in the Drawings shall require the installation or furnishing of such item(s) of the Work designated as “typical” in all other areas similarly marked as “typical”; Work in such other areas shall conform to that shown as “typical” or as reasonably inferable therefrom.
Satisfactory and words of like import shall mean approved by, acceptable to, suitable to, or satisfactory to the Engineer.

Examples of Satisfactory in a sentence

  • Satisfactory progress of work shall be maintained as a condition of payment.

  • Required EP test minimums ▪ IELTS: 6.5 ▪ iTEP: 4.5 ▪ SAT Critical Reading: 630 ▪ ACT Reading: 28 AND English: 28 ▪ TOEFL (iBT): 90, TOEFL (PBT): 575 ▪ Xxxxxxx: 61 ▪ Satisfactory Duolingo interview result Applicants must have at least 2/3 of the required coursework completed by time of submission and admission is contingent upon satisfactory completion of any courses in progress.

  • Satisfactory completion of the AFJROTC program at the secondary level can give students skills to significantly contribute to success in careers in government, private industry, entrepreneurship, and non-profit organizations.

  • Such increases shall be distributed proportionately to those employees in a ratio of .5 for Satisfactory, 1.0 for Above Satisfactory and 1.7 for Outstanding.

  • Effective August 8, 2009, the University shall provide a one percent (1.00%) base salary increase to each employee whose annual evaluation for 2008 was Satisfactory or higher and who was in an employment relationship with the University on May 6, 2009.

More Definitions of Satisfactory

Satisfactory means to the satisfaction of the Engineer or his representative.
Satisfactory will mean Level 2 (Basic), or higher, for employees with less than five years of experience or Level 3 (Proficient), or higher, if the classroom teacher is on a continuing contract with more than five years of teaching experience.
Satisfactory or similar terms shall mean to the satisfaction of the Consultant.
Satisfactory means the facility is operating in substantial compliance with this chapter, and personnel have demonstrated they are aware of and are practicing the safety principles outlined in this chapter.
Satisfactory means that a Proponent has demonstrated evidence of having the financial capability to deliver the Project in a manner that satisfies the Project’s needs and objectives, based on the Proponent’s responses to Schedule BTable 1, Section B – Financial Information Package.
Satisfactory with respect to an annual evaluation is when a majority of the faculty member's assigned duties are evaluated as at least "satisfactory" or "average."
Satisfactory. ’ means non-highly liquid collateral securing all of the credit or highly liquid collateral as in Reliable Collateral securing not less than 70 per cent. of the credit.