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Satellite facility means a secured facility at which collection and storage of household hazardous materials and hazardous materials from conditionally exempt small quantity generators are accomplished prior to transportation of these materials to a regional collection center. A satellite facility has a written contract with a regional collection center for the removal of collected household hazardous materials. A satellite facility may be operated by a government agency or a private agency under contract with a government agency as part of a solid waste comprehensive plan. A satellite facility is available for public drop off of household hazardous materials either during regularly scheduled hours or by appointment.
Satellite facility means a medical facility separate from PARTICIPATING MEDICAL GROUP’s principal place of business, which is dependent upon, and responsible to, PARTICIPATING MEDICAL GROUP. It is a facility that meets the CALIFORNIACARE Satellite Criteria set forth in the Operations Manual and is approved by BLUE CROSS prior to being designated a CALIFORNIACARE Satellite Facility.
Satellite facility means an outpatient facility at which the

Examples of Satellite facility in a sentence

  • Satellite facility" means a satellite facility as defined in Title 9‑B, section 131, subsection 35.[PL 1999, c.

  • Whenever there will be a facility available either as a Primary, Secondary, or Satellite facility, the State Licensing Agency will provide written notice to each active blind vendor/licensee, who is in good standing.

  • Satellite facility projects are handled as minor works, however the prioritization process is the same as major works.

  • Satellite facility" means a uranium m i ner al recovery or ion exchange facility set up at a remote distance from a central processing plant.

  • Bituminous cold patch palletized in bags not to exceed 50 lbs each delivered to the Town of Bedford Public Works facility at 301 Adams Street, Bedford Hills, NY or to the Public Works Satellite facility located on Crusher Road in Bedford Village.

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Satellite facility means any of the following:
Satellite facility means a Transfer/Processing Station that receives Waste Materials generated from within the Jurisdictional Boundaries of the Authority that is not owned or directly operated by the HWMA, and which is located within the County of Humboldt.
Satellite facility means a temporary facility located away from the certified academy facility, which the certified academy uses exclusively to conduct in-service training.
Satellite facility means a facility, located away from the certified academy facility, which the certified academy uses to conduct mandated training. This definition specifically excludes firing ranges, driver training sites and physical fitness or defensive tactics sites which may be located away from the certified academy facility. Commercial conference and training facilities such as hotels and motels, which are used for mandated training, are specifically excluded from this definition.
Satellite facility means the same as defined in Iowa Code section 455F.1.
Satellite facility means a vending facility bid as a satellite and which a Vendor/licensee operates in addition to their primary location. (Such as a vending-only site). Satellites will be awarded according to the standard bidding protocol. A Vendor/licensee must be under an effective operating agreement for a primary facility in order to submit a bid for another facility as a satellite location. No Vendor//licensee will be allowed to assume more than one satellite until all other eligible Vendor/licensees have had the option to assume a satellite.