RL definition

RL means reduced level, relative to mean sea level as distinct from depths to water.
RL or “Retention Limit” means the fields or bits, as described in the CI Plus Specification, used to express the internal retention limit on recorded content with EMI bits set to the value one, one (1,1). The default internal retention is 90 minutes, which may be overridden by the Retention Limit. 1 RCT may not be set to restrict redistribution except in content that could lawfully be marked Copy One Generation but is instead marked Copy Freely.
RL means relative level.

Examples of RL in a sentence

  • SCHEDULE OF RATES TO ANNEX 4 ANNEX 5 ONE-TIME INSTALLATION CHARGE: OUTDOOR CONNECTIONS The OTC payable by the RL to NLT for Outdoor Connections will be derived based on the schedule of rates attached to this Annex 5.

  • HEIGHT) SETBACK FOR ROAD WIDENING COLOUR CODE 19.3 m 17.5 m 2.5 m 3.0 m RL +23.90 RL +14.00 RL +49.00 SITE BOUNDARY RL +49.15 RL +43.15 RL +14.15 BUILDING ENVELOPE - PODIUM 9.9m MAX.

  • R.L.: 62 000 EUR The Parties hereby acknowledge that the aforementioned amounts present maximum amounts and the final calculation of the grant amount is dependent on the due and timely fulfilment of all of the obligations arising from the Grant Agreement.

  • The RL shall email NLT NOC to report the fault relating to the 1:1 CO-to-NBAP Connection provisioned under this Agreement, and RL shall also indicate the Order Request Identifiers issued to the 1:1 CO- to-NBAP Connection, in the email.

  • Layoff (RL) Benefit Eligible Employees who have converted from Plan “A” to Plan “B” (aka “RL”) shall continue to maintain their RL account in the amount of the converted hours less any hours withdrawn from such accounts since they were established.

More Definitions of RL

RL means Registered Length;
RL means reduced level, relative to Australian Height Datum.
RL means Reduced Level at Australian Height Datum;
RL means the Train Operator's Relevant Losses arising as a direct result of Minutes Delay and Cancelled Stops during the Calculation Term in each case insofar as these do not arise as a result of an incident for which the Train Operator is allocated responsibility pursuant to paragraph 5.3; and PS means the sum of all values of IMPS (as that term is defined in paragraph 9) to be calculated by deducting the sum of all values of IMPS for which the Train Operator is liable from the sum of all values of IMPS for which the CVL IM is liable in each case in respect of the relevant Calculation Term;
RL means an FBO or SBO or Broadcasting Licensee which submits a written application to acquire Mandated Services from NetLink Trust under this ICO Agreement;
RL means Revolving Loan and "TL" means Term Loan. Such determination and resulting rate change will be effective as of the first day of the month following the receipt of the financial statements. Thereafter, the Applicable Rate shall be determined on the basis of the financial statements of the Company for each fiscal year furnished to the Bank pursuant to the requirements of Section 5.b(i), and shall be effective as of the first day of the month following the receipt of the financial statements. Commissions and Issuance Fees with respect to Letters of Credit shall be determined from the Applicable Rate in effect when the related Letter of Credit is issued or renewed, and will thereafter adjust annually after receipt of the financial statements and determination of the Applicable Rate. It is noted that the above table provides an Applicable Rate for a Leverage Ratio greater than that which will be permissible under the terms of Section 5.g(ii). For the avoidance of doubt, it is agreed that it is the intent of the parties that the Bank shall be free to exercise all remedies otherwise provided for in this Agreement in the event of the violation by the Company of the covenant stated in Section 5.g(ii), notwithstanding the accrual of interest upon the Loan at a rate determined in accordance with this definition.
RL means reduced level (or relative level) and means height in meters above sea level;