Definition of POS

POS means point of sale.
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Examples of POS in a sentence

In addition, Purchaser assumes responsibility for and agrees to pay on presentation all POS transactions initiated before or after the Closing with POS cards issued by Seller to access Transaction Accounts.
Employees pay the cost difference for a more comprehensive plan (i.e. POS or Indemnity) and 50% of the cost for dependents.
The Employer shall contribute 80% of the premium charge for PPO plans, 83% of premium for the POS plan, 85% of premium for the HMO plan, 80% for the prescription drug plan and 50% for the dental plan.
Telephone Number Self only Self & family Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Point-of-Service (POS) Plans See page 33 for an explanation of the columns on these pages.
The Bidder must provide a detailed description of the approach to completing the contractor"s responsibilities and producing the deliverables for this phase which is located in section 8 MMIS and POS Operational Requirements, Certification and Turnover Phases of the RFP.