Definition of POS

  1. POS means point of sale.

Examples of POS in a sentence

  1. In addition, Purchaser assumes responsibility for and agrees to pay on presentation all POS transactions initiated before or after the Closing with POS cards issued by Seller to access Transaction Accounts.
  2. MP acknowledges that INSIGHT POS System software, its structure, organization and source code constitute valuable trade secrets of INSIGHT.
  3. Managed Care Plan is any one of the various health plans or products sponsored or administered by PacifiCare or its subsidiaries or affiliates including, without limitation, a commercial prepaid health plan (PacifiCare Commercial Health Plan), a commercial point-of-service plan (PacifiCare Commercial POS Health Plan), and a Medicare + Choice plan (Secure Horizons Health Plan).

Definition of POS in Master Agreement

POS means point of sale.

Definition of POS in Processing Agreement

POS means point of sale. II.

Definition of POS in Amended Agreement

POS means point-of-sale advertising materials and displays.