Remodeling definition

Remodeling means expanding existing office space to additional office space at the same address, or remodeling interior walls and space within existing office space to a degree that accessibility to or within the facility is impacted.
Remodeling means the activity of restoring all or part of the physical structure of a pool or spa into good condition. This includes the rebuilding or replacing of worn and broken parts or components that require disturbing segments of the piping system, decking, or watertight shell structure.

Examples of Remodeling in a sentence

  • Remodeling of ventricular conduction pathways in healed canine infarct border zones.

  • Mission Boulevard, Pomona, CA Assessor Parcel Number 8335-016-047, Related to the Remodeling and Upgrading of an Existing Commercial Property (Council District 3) It is recommended that the City Council take the following actions: 1) Adopt the following resolution: RESOLUTION NO.

  • Staff recommends CSFA approve Resolution Number 16-17 authorizing the Issuance of School Facility Revenue Bonds in an Amount Not to Exceed $25,000,000 to Finance and Refinance the Acquisition, Construction, Expansion, Remodeling, Renovation, Improvement, Furnishing, and Equipping of Educational Facilities Located in Santa Clara County, California for 149 N.

  • Phan UT, Waldron TT, Springer TA (2006) Remodeling of the lectin-EGF-like domain interface in P- and L-selectin increases adhesiveness and shear resistance under hy- drodynamic force.

  • Observation of Extensive Chromosome Axis Remodeling during the "Diffuse-Phase" of Meiosis in Large Genome Cereals.

More Definitions of Remodeling

Remodeling means a modification of any part of an existing building, an addition of a new wing or floor to an existing building, or a conversion of an existing building.
Remodeling means to alter the facility structure by adding, deleting or moving any of the building's components thereby affecting any of the spaces specified in Title 24, Section 460A.
Remodeling means to make over or rebuild any portion of a building or structure and thereby modify its structural strength, fire hazard character, exits, heating and ventilating sys- tems, electrical system or internal circulation, as previously approved by the department. Where exterior walls are in place but interior walls are not in place at the time of the effective date of this chapter, construction of interior walls shall be considered remodeling. “Remodeling” does not include repairs necessary for the maintenance of a building or structure.
Remodeling means a physical change or operational change that increases the amount of FOG discharged to the sewer system by the FSE in an amount that alone or collectively causes or creates a potential for blockages or SSOs to occur; or requires either a building permit or plumbing permit, and involves any one or combination of the following:
Remodeling means the remodeling, improving, or reconstruction of existing housing or facilities which are incidental or appurtenant thereto for migratory laborers or the construction of new housing or facilities which are incidental or appurtenant thereto for migratory laborers.
Remodeling means any alteration in structure, refurbishing, or repair that would:
Remodeling means the changing of existing facilities by rearrangement of spaces and their use and includes, but is not limited to, the conversion of two classrooms to a science laboratory or the conversion of a closed plan arrangement to an open plan configuration.