Drill definition

Drill means a response to a planned, simulated event.
Drill means the commencement of an operation to either set conductor pipe or the moving in a drilling rig capable of drilling to a depth to set the requisite amount of surface casing and spudding the well, if conductor pipe is not used.
Drill or “Drilling” means the act of boring a hole to reach a proposed location under the Property.

Examples of Drill in a sentence

  • Drill and equip development wells, development-type stratigraphic test wells, and service wells, including the costs of platforms and of well equipment such as casing, tubing, pumping equipment, and the wellhead assembly.

  • Drill holes for the bars and secure the bars in the holes using epoxy.

  • Drill and countersink units that are not factory prepared for anchorage fasteners.

  • Drill post holes for the new or reset guardrail through the hot bituminous pavement.

  • Single-Door Frames: Drill stop in strike jamb to receive three door silencers.

More Definitions of Drill

Drill means a supervised, hands-on instruction period intended to test, develop or maintain a specific emergency response capability. A drill may be a component of an exercise.
Drill means a type of emergency action plan exercise that tests, develops, or maintains
Drill means the simulated performance of a spill response or task predicted in a plan.
Drill means a type of emergency action plan exercise that tests, develops, or maintains skills in an emergency response procedure. During a drill, participants perform an in-house exercise to verify telephone numbers and other means of communication along with the owner's response. A drill is considered a necessary part of ongoing training.
Drill means the test or trial of a particular emergency preparedness system, function or operation, such as communications.
Drill means a response to a planned, simulated event.(Article 1)
Drill means to commence the actual drilling of a Development Well, and thereafter to drill that Development Well diligently to the target depth (or target depths, in the case of multiple target producing horizons) that Operator has determined, in accordance with the Reasonably Prudent Operator Standard, may encounter producing Gas horizons and then to test that Development Well for the production of Gas.