Redemption Day definition

Redemption Day means the last Business Day of each week or such other day or days as the Directors may from time to time determine that Participating Shares in the Fund are available for redemption;
Redemption Day. Any business day when banks are open for business in South Africa and Mauritius
Redemption Day means any Business Day falling after the Initial Share Issue Date.

Examples of Redemption Day in a sentence

  • Applications will be processed, if accepted, at the Redemption Price applicable to that Redemption Day.

  • Shares will be redeemed on the Redemption Day and entitled to participate in the net assets of the Sub-Fund or Share Class until their redemption.

  • Applications for redemptions can be submitted by investors for each Redemption Day provided that a complete application is submitted by the Cut-Off Time for that Redemption Day.

  • The Net Asset Value per Share for the Redemption Day at which an application will be processed is unknown to the investors when they place their redemption applications.

  • If the request is not withdrawn subject as hereinbefore provided the redemption of the Participating Shares shall be effected on the Redemption Day next following the end of the suspension.

More Definitions of Redemption Day

Redemption Day. Any Mauritian business day
Redemption Day means any day which the Directors shall from time to time in their absolute discretion appoint as a Redemption Day being not less than one day in every month;
Redemption Day means each Business Day or such other day or days as the
Redemption Day means each AP Redemption Day, each Standard Redemption Day and each date designated by the Issuer as a Redemption Day pursuant to Condition 7.6.1.
Redemption Day means each Valuation Day falling after the Closing Date.
Redemption Day means the first calendar day in each month, or such other day or days as the Manager may from time to time determine;
Redemption Day means a day when the Shares in the Cell can be redeemed, normally being the first Business Day of each calendar quarter. However, the Directors may select other and/or additional day or days either generally or different days for different purposes at their discretion.