Sinking Fund Redemption Date definition

Sinking Fund Redemption Date. Has the meaning specified in Section 6.06 of the Indenture.
Sinking Fund Redemption Date shall have the meaning specified in Section 7.02.
Sinking Fund Redemption Date means, when used with respect to the Series 2015A Bonds, the respective dates specified in Section 302 of this Forty-sixth Supplemental Indenture.

Examples of Sinking Fund Redemption Date in a sentence

  • The Certificates are subject to redemption in part, pro rata (based on the face amount thereof), in each case through mandatory sinking fund redemptions providing for the redemption on the Sinking Fund Redemption Dates of the aggregate principal amounts set forth on Schedule I attached hereto, together with interest accrued thereon to the applicable Sinking Fund Redemption Date, but without Make-Whole Premium.

  • The Certificates shall be subject to partial redemption, at the aggregate principal amount set forth for the Certificates of the respective Series and Maturity, on a pro rata basis, on each date specified in this Section (a "Sinking Fund Redemption Date") for such payment on the Certificates of such Series and Maturity.

  • If there shall so be on deposit and/or deposited the applicable Prepayment Price or Sinking Fund Redemption Price on or prior to a Prepayment Date or Sinking Fund Redemption Date, interest shall cease to accrue in respect of all or, in the case of a mandatory sinking fund redemption, the relevant portion being prepaid of, the Outstanding Certificates on and after such Prepayment Date or such Sinking Fund Redemption Date.

  • In such case, the principal amount of Bonds to be redeemed on such Mandatory Sinking Fund Redemption Date shall be reduced by the principal amount of Bonds so purchased or redeemed that are delivered to the Trustee on or before the date the notice of such election has been delivered to the Trustee.

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More Definitions of Sinking Fund Redemption Date

Sinking Fund Redemption Date when used with respect to a particular series of Securities for which a sinking fund has been established shall mean the date or dates established pursuant to a Board Resolution or set forth in an indenture supplemental hereto on which the Corporation is required to redeem an amount of such Securities at the price fixed for the redemption of Securities of that series on that date.
Sinking Fund Redemption Date. The term "
Sinking Fund Redemption Date has the meaning specified in ss. 6.06 of the Indenture.
Sinking Fund Redemption Date shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.2.
Sinking Fund Redemption Date means, with respect to Series 2022 Bonds, the respective dates specified in Section 302 of this Thirteenth Supplemental Indenture.
Sinking Fund Redemption Date means a Bond Payment Date on which a Sinking Fund Redemption Amount and interest shall be payable on the Bonds according to its terms so long as the Bonds shall be Outstanding.
Sinking Fund Redemption Date means each of the Interest Payment Dates specified in Exhibit D hereto.