Valuation Day definition

Valuation Day means any day on which Repo Custodian is open for business.
Valuation Day means each Dealing Day, unless otherwise determined by the Directors; and
Valuation Day means in relation to a Fund such day or days as shall be specified in the relevant Supplement for that Fund.

Examples of Valuation Day in a sentence

  • The Dealing Day is the Exchange Business Day immediately following the Cut-off Day (Dealing Deadline), or if any such day is not an Exchange Business Day, the next following Exchange Business Day or such other day or days as the Trustee and Manager may agree from time to time, provided that orders received after the Cut-off Day (Dealing Deadline) immediately preceding such Dealing Day shall not be executed on the immediate following Valuation Day, but shall be executed on the next Valuation Day.

  • Any application received after the time aforesaid shall be deemed to be made in respect of the Valuation Day next following such relevant Valuation Day.

  • Note 8 Derivative Liabilities In September 2014, the Company identified a conversion feature embedded within one the Section 3(a)(10) share agreement with Tarpon Bay and determined that it should be accounted for at fair value as a derivative liability.

  • Payment of the subscription monies must be received by the Depositary in the relevant Reference Currency of a Class, within two Business Days after the relevant Valuation Day.

  • However it is possible that such market data will not be available for total return swaps or TRORS near the Valuation Day.

More Definitions of Valuation Day

Valuation Day. Each day on which the New York Stock Exchange is open for business.
Valuation Day means in respect of each Dealing Day, the Business Day immediately preceding that Dealing Day, unless otherwise determined by the Directors;
Valuation Day means the last Business Day of each week or such other day or days as the Directors may determine from time to time.
Valuation Day means the Dealing Day.
Valuation Day means each Business Day and/or such other day or days as may be determined by the Directors and notified in advance to Shareholders.
Valuation Day means each Dealing Day;
Valuation Day means the day in which the net value of the Fund Assets is defined for the purpose of purchase, redemption or transfer of the units.