Real-Time Price definition

Real-Time Price means the Resource-Specific Settlement Interval LMP as defined in the CAISO Tariff. If there is more than one applicable Real-Time Price for the same period of time, Real-Time Price shall mean the price associated with the smallest time interval.
Real-Time Price means the Real-Time Market price for Uninstructed Imbalance Energy (as defined in the CAISO Tariff) or any successor price for short-term imbalance energy, as such price or successor price is defined in the CAISO Tariff, that would apply to the Generating Facility, which values are, as of the Effective Date, posted by the CAISO on its website. The values used in this Agreement will be those appearing on the CAISO website on the eighth Business Day of the calendar month following the month for which such prices are being applied.

Examples of Real-Time Price in a sentence

  • To the extent Seller delivers Surplus Delivered Energy to the Delivery Point in a Settlement Interval in which the Real-Time Price for the applicable PNode is negative, Seller shall pay Buyer an amount equal to the Surplus Delivered Energy (in MWh) during such Settlement Interval, multiplied by the absolute value of the Real-Time Price per MWh for such Settlement Interval.

  • Real-Time Price Response Program is the program described in Appendix E to Market Rule 1.

  • The Forecasting Penalty shall be equal to the greater of (A) one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the Contract Price or (B) the absolute value of the Real-Time Price, in each case for each MWh of Energy Deviation outside the Performance Tolerance Band, or any portion thereof, in every hour for which Seller fails to meet the requirements in Section 4.6(c)(i).

  • The CAISO will settle Uninstructed Imbalance Energy for non-participating Load in an EIM Entity Balancing Authority Area at the applicable Default LAP Hourly Real-Time Price in accordance with Section with the applicable EIM Entity Scheduling Coordinator and will treat EIM Balancing Authority Demand in the same manner as the CAISO treats CAISO Demand under that Section.

  • RTORDPA y $/MWh Real-Time On-Line Reliability Deployment Price Adder The Real-Time Price Adder that captures the impact of reliability deployments on energy prices for the SCED interval y.

More Definitions of Real-Time Price

Real-Time Price means either the hourly price for energy in the Connecticut Load Zone (identified by ISO as Location ID 4004), or if ISO implements two energy zones during the Term of Agreement the hourly prices for energy in the Southwest Connecticut (“SWCT”) Load Zone and the Rest of Connecticut (“ROCT”) Load Zone, as published by ISO under Real-Time LMP on its website, as such price may be corrected or revised from time to time by ISO in accordance with its rules. If ISO ceases to identify these load zones, then the location shall be the zones or groups of Nodes that provides equivalent pricing.
Real-Time Price means the LMP specific to a given Unit at a given Settlement Interval within the Real-Time Market.
Real-Time Price means the CAISO Real-Time Market Locational Marginal Price for electric energy in each applicable Settlement Interval (including the energy, congestion and losses components) at the Generating Facility’s PNode (as published by the CAISO) which is the pricing point used by the CAISO for settlements of this Generating Facility.
Real-Time Price means the LMP specific to the Project at a given Settlement Interval within the Real-Time Market.