Quality Specifications definition

Quality Specifications means the specifications of Gas and Liquids that are acceptable for receipt by the Transporter, as provided for in the Tariff, including without limitation the specifications in Article 2 hereof, all as may be revised from time to time by Transporter.
Quality Specifications means the Wafer quality standards and criteria set forth in Exhibit F (Quality Specifications), as may they be modified by written agreement of the Parties from time to time.
Quality Specifications. Means the Quality Specifications that the Crude Oil must have for its transportation through the Pipeline which are described in Annex C to the Agreement.

Examples of Quality Specifications in a sentence

  • Exhibit 1 Links for Gas Systems Gas Quality Specifications and Maps RNG facilities that can connect to the following systems will be considered.

  • Such indemnification shall not extend to claims made that are attributable to the delivery by Shipper to Transporter of Gas that does not meet the Quality Specifications contained herein; provided however that in any instance where Shipper, without prior written consent of Transporter, delivers Gas that does not meet the Quality Specifications herein, Shipper shall indemnify Transporter for any claims, losses, or damages resulting from the delivery of such out of specification Gas.

  • If the milk supplied does not meet the Grade 1 Quality Specifications, the amount paid by GVC for any affected milk will be reduced in accordance with the formula set out in Table 3.1. In addition, and depending on the particular circumstances, if the milk supplied to GVC does not meet the Grade 1 Quality Specifications, other penalties may apply.

  • Characteristics of the goods which are based on the Quality Specifications released by Business Partner do not constitute a defect, so that Business Partner is not entitled to any warranty claims against tesa in this respect.

  • Relative GAP 1, the three filed Proposition 1: "The gap between customer expectations and perceptions (performance) management on such expectations will have an impact on customer service quality assessment."GAP 2 is the gap between Perception Management - Service Quality Specifications.

More Definitions of Quality Specifications

Quality Specifications has the meaning given to it in GC 8.1.
Quality Specifications means the following specifications for the Carbon Dioxide delivered hereunder:
Quality Specifications means, with respect to each LNG Cargo under a Transaction, the specifications for such LNG Cargo, as set out in or determined under the relevant Confirmation Notice;
Quality Specifications means the quality characteristics on an “As-Received” basis, using ASTM standards, specified on any Confirmation as well as specified in Section 3.1.
Quality Specifications means AMIH’s reasonable specifications as of the date of this Agreement relating to the standards of the wares or services bearing the Canadian Marks for the Programme, as they may be amended, modified or supplemented from time to time in accordance with this Agreement, which shall be reflected in writing.
Quality Specifications means the quality specifications for the Product agreed upon by the Joint Committee, as such quality specifications shall be modified from time to time by mutual agreement of the parties hereto.
Quality Specifications has the meaning given it in Section 5.1.