Put Option Date definition

Put Option Date means the date specified as such in the applicable Put Notice, which may be any Business Day falling prior to the Expiration Date.
Put Option Date means any Business Day specified in the Put Option Notice.
Put Option Date means the date falling 30 Months after the Initial Utilisation Date.

Examples of Put Option Date in a sentence

  • The Book closure / Record date will be 15 (fifteen) days prior to the Interest Payment / Final Maturity Date / Contingent Early Redemption Date (if applicable) / Call Option Date (if applicable) / Put Option Date (if applicable) or as may be directed by SEBI from time to time.

  • If the Rating Agencies do not confirm such ratings, no Put Option Notes will be redeemed on the First Put Option Date and the Relevant Margin on each Class of Put Option Notes will remain unchanged.

  • The Borrower’s obligations under this Loan Agreement shall commence on the date of this Loan Agreement and shall continue until each Scheduled Put Option Date and until the payment of the principal, interest, and fees, if any, on the Loan are fully paid.

  • Any Put Notice given by a Certificateholder pursuant to this Condition 12.5 shall be irrevocable and the Trustee will redeem all Certificates which are the subject of a validly delivered Put Notice on the relevant Change of Control Put Option Date.

  • To exercise such option, the holder must deposit at the specified office of any Paying Agent a duly completed and signed put notice in the form for the time being current, obtainable from the specified office of any Paying Agent, together with the Certificate evidencing the Bonds to be redeemed not more than 60 days and not less than 30 days prior to the Put Option Date.

More Definitions of Put Option Date

Put Option Date means the date on which the Original Purchaser has actual notice that an event giving rise to a Put Option under this Section VII has occurred.
Put Option Date means March 31, 2028 or such earlier date set in accordance with Section 3.01(b) hereof.
Put Option Date means the date the holders of any Indenture Indebtedness have the right to exercise a Put Option.
Put Option Date means the date specified as such in the applicable Put Notice.
Put Option Date has the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Put Option Date means a date selected by the Lessor that occurs between two years and two months and two years and three months from the Leasing Date.
Put Option Date means December 14, 2020;