Purchasing cooperative definition

Purchasing cooperative means a group purchasing organization that governmental entities join as members and the managing en- tity of which receives fees from members or vendors.
Purchasing cooperative means a group purchasing organization

Examples of Purchasing cooperative in a sentence

  • Bidder’s lists are maintained on the Arizona Purchasing cooperative electronic procurement website according to the commodity or service offered by registered Contractors.

  • In addition, eligible State Purchasing cooperative members may participate at their discretion.

  • In order to participate in this contract, a cooperative member shall have entered into a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement with the Department of Administration, State Procurement Office as required by Arizona Revised Statutes § 41- 2632.Membership in the State Purchasing cooperative is available to all Arizona political subdivisions including cities, counties, school districts, and special districts.

  • Humble ISD bid number (i.e. RFP#, RFQ#, etc.) These vendor sourcing notes have been pre-loaded into MUNIS.2. Purchasing cooperative contract reference (i.e. TCPN contract #, DIRcontract #, BuyBoard contract #, etc.)3.

  • Purchasing cooperative would allow municipal partners to purchase larger quantities when combined thus creating more bargaining power when entering into annual agreements for purchases of goods, equipment and/or services.

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Purchasing cooperative means an association of public
Purchasing cooperative means a health insurance
Purchasing cooperative. ’ means a health insurance
Purchasing cooperative means an entity organized by Us in collaboration with our Franchise Advisory Council for purposes of group purchasing of supplies and commodities utilized and distributed though our System, and through multiple channels of distribution as We shall elect, and of which We and our franchisees who are in Good Standing are members.
Purchasing cooperative means a group purchasing organization that governmental entities join as
Purchasing cooperative means the mortgagor of a Management Project which has purchased the project from the mortgagor of an Investor Project.
Purchasing cooperative means any voluntary collection of one hundred (100) or more individuals or organizations who band together for the purposes of purchasing health insurance coverage, who have registered the purchasing cooperative with the commissioner at least sixty (60) days prior to purchasing any health insurance coverage, and who have satisfied other requirements as the commissioner may prescribe by administrative regulation. "Purchasing cooperative" does not mean either: