Purchasing group definition

Purchasing group means any group which:
Purchasing group means any group formed pursuant to the Liability Risk Retention Act which has as one of its purposes the purchase of liability insurance on a group basis, purchases such insurance only for its group members and only to cover their similar or related liability exposure and is composed of members whose businesses or activities are similar or related with respect to the liability to which members are exposed by virtue of any related, similar or common business, trade, product, services, premises or operations and is domiciled in any State.
Purchasing group means any group formed pursuant to the liability risk retention

Examples of Purchasing group in a sentence

  • It has involved Consumers’ associations and Ethical Purchasing group, who are very responsive to topics related to quality of life and environmental issues.• Group 4: institutional partners.

  • The Irvin Purchasing group will submit a request for quotation when selecting a potential supplier to deliver a new product or service.

  • In this instance, again, the question of EU versus national competence is not clearly defined, however.A further important point of reflexion is why a specifically Gas Purchasing group is necessary.

  • The Purchasing group is now inserting questions, explanations, instructions and user prompts in the “Detail” section of the User Requests that requires the person inputting the request to consider issues related to Equipment Transport.

  • The second was created by the IMP (Industrial Marketing and Purchasing) group which took a network and interaction approach to understanding industrialprocesses (Hakansson 1982).

More Definitions of Purchasing group

Purchasing group means any group that:
Purchasing group means a group to which all of the following apply:
Purchasing group means any group formed pursuant to the
Purchasing group means any group which meets all of the following:
Purchasing group means any group meeting the requirements of a purchasing group contained in North Dakota Century Code chapter 26.1-46.
Purchasing group means a contracting authority created in order to acquire supplies or services intended for other contracting authorities, or to determine the conditions of procurement thereof. Member States shall notify to the Commission the purchasing groups meeting this definition.
Purchasing group means Lori, Purchaser, ARTRA, Harvey, Werner, the Managers and Fxxxxo.