Commercial Product definition

Commercial Product as used in this Article, means a product in regular production that is sold in substantial quantities to the general public and/or industry at established catalog or market prices. It also means a product which, in the opinion of the Contractor, differs only insignificantly from the Subcontractor’s commercial product.
Commercial Product means a tangible Product which substantially relies on a Font for its commercial value; examples include where the Font image (i) may be repurposed by an end-user of it, such as a rubber stamp or an adhesive alphabet, or (ii) may not be repurposed by its end-user, but a principal characteristic of the Product is the display of a sub-set of a Font or its attributes (this limitation applies to but is not limited to Non-Fungible Tokens);
Commercial Product means any such product as defined in FAR 2.101.

Examples of Commercial Product in a sentence

  • Commercial product developers are also a potential source for common secure configurations.

More Definitions of Commercial Product

Commercial Product means supplies, other than printing, or information resources:
Commercial Product an incorporation or implementation of the Product into a commercial product that can be sold alone or in conjunction with other products or components. Such other products or components so long as not, developed as part of or otherwise derived from the Project, shall not be deemed to be part of the Commercial Product.
Commercial Product means anything that is based on, utilizes or is developed from, or materially incorporates, the Project Results and that is capable of being sold, licensed, transferred or conveyed to another party or is capable of otherwise being Exploited or disposed of, whether in exchange for consideration or not.
Commercial Product means a product in which the Font Software has been embedded and which is offered for distribution to the general public (or to some subset of the general public) for a fee or other consideration or as a result of your business activity.
Commercial Product means a Drug Substance or Drug Product which is Manufactured by SBL which is intended for commercial sale and use by humans and for importation or exportation into countries or regions designated in each PSA.
Commercial Product means an electronic document containing an embedded copy of the Font Software created by Use of the Font Software which is offered for distribution to the general public (or to some subset of the general public) as a commercial product in exchange for a separate fee or other consideration. By way of example, not limitation, an electronic book or electronic magazine distributed for a fee shall be considered a Commercial Product; a document distributed in connection with a commercial transaction in which the consideration is unrelated to such document (for example, a business letter or a receipt for purchase of tangible goods such as clothing) shall not be considered a Commercial Product. Commercial products which contain the font in a non-editable manner are permitted.
Commercial Product means a product, such as an item, material, component, subsystem, or system sold or traded to the general public in the course of normal business operations at prices based on established catalog or market prices. It does not include items designed or developed under a Government contract or bearings and bearing components.