Preceptor definition

Preceptor means an individual who provides, directs, or verifies training and experience required for an individual to become an authorized user, an authorized medical physicist, an authorized nuclear pharmacist, or a radiation safety officer.
Preceptor means a pharmacist who is serving as the practical
Preceptor means an individual who has been assigned by the training program, clinical facility or service program to supervise students while the students are completing their clinical or field experience. A preceptor must be an emergency medical care provider certified at the level being supervised or higher, or must be licensed as a registered nurse, physician’s assistant or physician.

Examples of Preceptor in a sentence

  • However, students may provide the Director of Clinical Education with contact information for Clinical Sites or Clinical Educators with whom the student has an established professional relationship (e.g. employed at the Clinical Site prior to matriculation) or in cases where the Clinical Preceptor (who is not the student’s spouse/partner, parent/in-law, or other familial relationship) has indicated they would like to serve as a Fieldwork (FW) Educator or Capstone Educator for the student.

  • Practical experience must be acquired under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist known as a Preceptor.

  • Preceptor Training In an effort to provide you with the background on the policies and forms utilized in the internship we ask you to review the preceptor handbook and the rotation syllabus and follow-up with the director with any questions.

  • Pepperdine NSCP-ISPP Handbook for Preceptors THANK YOU for taking the time to be a preceptor and give of your knowledge, skills, and experience to help train future RDNs. The Internship team consists of three people 1) Preceptor 2) Intern and 3) Director of ISPP program.

  • The Site Director may confer with the Preceptor to discuss and resolve the problem.

More Definitions of Preceptor

Preceptor means a pharmacist or a person licensed by the board to supervise the
Preceptor means a licensed health care provider who is employed in the clinical setting, serves as a resource person and role model, and is present with the nursing student in that setting.