Preceptor definition

Preceptor means an individual who provides, directs, or verifies training and experience required for an individual to become an authorized user, an authorized medical physicist, an authorized nuclear pharmacist, or a radiation safety officer.
Preceptor means a pharmacist who is serving as the practical
Preceptor means a licensed individual who meets Iowa board of nursing qualifications as specified in this chapter, is on staff at the facility where the experience occurs, is selected by the educational facility in collaboration with the clinical facility, and is responsible for the on-site direction of the student over a period of time.

Examples of Preceptor in a sentence

  • Students who fail a total of three competency evaluations for a clinical practicum course will meet with their Clinical Preceptor, Clinical Coordinator and Program Director and will be placed on clinical probation.

  • Kovalck.pdf Program #3398 - Clinical Preceptor Approval of Lisa M.

  • The evaluation is not given a grade but it is closely examined and reviewed by the Clinical Preceptor and the Clinical Coordinator to check student progress.

  • The student is prohibited from using their cell phone or other device to take pictures of radiographic images, facility rooms/areas, personnel, or patients unless given permission to do so by the Clinical Preceptor, Clinical Coordinator, and/or department supervisor/manager.

  • In order to maintain status as an FHE Preceptor the FHE Preceptor must remain current as an FHE, complete FHE Preceptor training updates in Adult and Adolescent, and if applicable, Pediatric, every 2 years via annual DHA FHP presentations and pass an FHE clinical skills check-off every 2 years with an approved Preceptor.

More Definitions of Preceptor

Preceptor means an individual who has been assigned by the training program, clinical facility or service program to supervise students while the students are completing their clinical or field experience. A preceptor must be an emergency medical care provider certified at the level being supervised or higher, or must be licensed as a registered nurse, physician’s assistant or physician.
Preceptor means a pharmacist or a person licensed by the board to supervise the internship training of a licensed intern.
Preceptor means an individual who is registered by the board and participates in the
Preceptor means an individual who is currently licensed as a pharmacist by the board, meets certain qualifications as a preceptor as established by the board, and participates in the instructional training of pharmacy interns.
Preceptor means a licensed health care provider who is employed in the clinical setting, serves as a resource person and role model, and is present with the nursing student in that setting.
Preceptor means a pharmacist or a person licensed by the board to supervise the
Preceptor means a nurse, who holds a BSN or higher degree, and a valid license to practice. Clinical preceptors shall have demonstrated competencies in the area of practice to which the student is assigned. Clinical preceptors may be used to accomplish faculty directed clinical learning experiences.