Analyte definition

Analyte means a chemical, compound, element, bacteria, yeast, fungus, or toxin to be identified or measured.
Analyte means the chemical substance, physical property, or organism analyzed in a sample.
Analyte means a specific substance for which testing is performed by a laboratory.

Examples of Analyte in a sentence

  • If no detection limit is present, it is due to the unavailability of historical laboratory data.5. NS = No AGQS exists for the analyte.6. Items listed in Bold, if any, indicate detected concentration or laboratory detection limit exceeds AGQS.9. "--" = Analyte not sampled for on date indicated.10.

  • Source of Ambient Groundwater Quality Standards (AGQS): New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules Env-Or 600, Revised Septmeber 2018.3. Laboratory method: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) by US EPA Method 8260B.4. ND() = Analyte not detected above laboratory detection limits indicated in parentheses.

  • Serum markers of bone turnover in two postmenopausal women with osteopenia after daily cannabidiol treatment Participant 001 was a 56-year-old single (never mar- ried) Caucasian (White) woman who was 5 years post- Analyte, units (RR) TimepointParticipant 001(100 mg CBD/day)Participant 002(300 mg CBD/day)—menopause.

  • Analyte concentrations are derived from the area ratios of native-to-labeled compounds in the sample by comparisons to a standard curve.

  • Required Analytical Methods, Detection Limits, Hold Times, and Preservatives4 Analyte or ParameterAnalytical MethodDetection LimitMax.

More Definitions of Analyte

Analyte means the substance or physical property to be determined in samples examined.
Analyte means a specific substance for which testing is performed by a marijuana testing facility.
Analyte means a substance that a test is used to detect.
Analyte means a component, substance, or chemical or microbiological constituent that is of interest in an analytical procedure or test.
Analyte means the drug or drug metabolite measured by an initial or confirmatory drug test.
Analyte means a contaminant, chemical and/or physical property, element, compound, organism, or group of any of the foregoing, the existence and amount of which a laboratory testing facility tests for or identifies in a sample.
Analyte defined. “Analyte” means any compound, element, contaminant organism, species or other substance for which a cannabis sample is tested by a cannabis independent testing laboratory.