Definition of Pre-Closing Straddle Period Taxes

Pre-Closing Straddle Period Taxes means Taxes allocable to the Pre-Closing Straddle Period in accordance with Section 8.3.

Examples of Pre-Closing Straddle Period Taxes in a sentence

Sellers shall be responsible for and shall all Pre-Closing Straddle Period Taxes.
Any Taxes required to be paid by the Company with respect to the portion of such period ending on the Closing Date (as determined below) ("Pre-Closing Straddle Period Taxes"), to the extent such Taxes were not included as a liability in the calculation of Actual Net Working Capital, will be paid in cash by Sellers.
The Taxes attributable to the pre-Closing period shall include the Pre-Closing Straddle Period Taxes on such Tax Returns.
The Taxes attributable to the pre-Closing period shall include (i) all Income Taxes that would be payable by Purchased Joint Ventures or Purchased Subsidiaries for pre-Closing periods determined as if the entities' taxable period or year ended on (and included) the Closing Date; and (ii) the portion of the Taxes other than Income Taxes of any Purchased Subsidiary and Purchased Joint Venture for a pre-Closing period including any Pre-Closing Straddle Period Taxes.
The portion of Straddle Period Taxes that are attributable to the Post-Closing Straddle Period will be the difference, if any, between the Straddle Period Taxes and the Pre-Closing Straddle Period Taxes.