Definition of Pre-Closing Tax Periods

Pre-Closing Tax Periods means all Tax periods ending on or before the Closing Date and the portion through the end of the Closing Date for any Tax period that includes but does not end on the Closing Date.

Examples of Pre-Closing Tax Periods in a sentence

The Owner shall prepare in accordance with applicable law and timely file any Tax Returns of the Merging Entity with respect to Pre-Closing Tax Periods.
SpinCo shall have the right to (i) any Tax refunds of SpinCo Taxes for Pre-Closing Tax Periods and (ii) the refunds described in Schedule 10.7 to the extent received after the Merger, in each case including any interest thereon paid by a taxing authority.
Seller and Buyer shall cooperate with each other in the conduct of any audit or other similar proceeding relating to Taxes involving the business conducted by the Company for any Pre-Closing Tax Periods or Straddle Periods.
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, all employment-related credits generated in Pre-Closing Tax Periods and Straddle Periods (including work opportunity tax credits and credits under the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act shall be allocated to Carrols, and all foreign tax credits generated in Pre-Closing Tax Periods and Straddle Periods shall be allocated to Fiesta.
Buyer shall not dispose of any records relating to Taxes paid or payable by the Buyer and which are attributable to Pre-Closing Tax Periods prior to the later of six (6) months after the expiration of the applicable limitations period on assessment with respect to any such Taxes, or the final resolution of all Audits or litigation initiated prior to the expiration of the applicable limitations period.